Since I am considered self employed I needed a large file cabinet in order to have a safe and secure place at my home for my client’s folder. I tried pricing them online and I just couldn’t commit to spending so much money. I mentioned to my sister, Donna that I needed to find a large filing cabinet and she began searching for one for me. Within a few weeks she was very excited to tell me that our parents had one under their carport that I could have for free. I quickly jumped on this file cabinet and I call her Bessie.

Bessie had been under the carport in all types of weather for more than 10 years and was hiding her true beauty under quite a bit of rust. After a few weeks of sanding and TLC she now looks like this.

When I first brought her home she looked like this.

Bessie had previously had a padlock on her which left her with holes and dents on the top front of her.

I sanded Bessie down to shiny metal and then I put three coats of Rustoleum white paint on her. I took wood filler and filled in her holes. I knew that I couldn’t make it completely disappear but I was able to disguise things quite a bit. I sanded off the excess and then began to focus on another area.

Bessie had contact paper on top of her when I brought her home and after stripping it off I found large dents in her top.

I went to Home Depot and bought a board for $12 and they were kind enough to cut it for me to fit the exact size of the file cabinet. I used Liquid Nail to attach it. Look how she looks with a wood top and painted a nice antique lace white.

With my mother’s encouragement to paint something on her I asked Donna to come over and freehand sketch a large flower that I had seen online on a large piece of furniture. This is with her sketch.

This is after day 1 of working on Bessie. I did not like the green. In the end I did the green portion of the leaves 4 times before being satisfied with the end result.

It took me three days of hand painting the flower and leaves to be satisfied with the end result. The similar picture that I had seen online was soooooooooooo much better than mine but I am still pleased with mine. She is all mine and I love her.




9 responses to “Bessie

  1. Bessie is beautiful! You did an outstanding job! She looks so happy now! 🙂

  2. Wow Grace, you did an awesome job. How did you know how to do this project? How did you know what paint to use, how did you know that wood filler would adhere? I am amazed that something that ugly could be so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • JoAnn I LOVE Pinterest and I really read a lot of posts about painting. I bought the paint at Home Depot. They sell these really cute little 8 oz jars of paints. If you ask for a certain color They are $2.98 each but if you get the paint in the OOPs Section they are 50 cents each. I did happen to ask for certain colors and I bought the red shades on the same card so that I knew the colors would blend well for the petals.

      I didn’t know that the wood filler would adhere so I didn’t tell anyone I was doing it until I checked the next day and realized it had worked. haha

  3. You are so talented. That is just beautiful. Much nicer than anything you could buy. You did such a wonderful job. It is just outstanding. Love her name to!!!!!

    • Thank you so much. 🙂

      I don’t want to tell my mother that she was right. This was her idea. Lets keep this between us. 🙂

  4. that is amazing.

  5. I knew you could do this,” Bessie is Beautiful ” & your secret is safe I wont tell your Mother.

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