Life Never Stays The Same!

Today was a big day in my life. My attorney and I met in a small room to discuss the final details of the divorce for approximately 10 minutes and then we went into the court room where my now ex-husband was waiting with his attorney. We had already worked out the details of the divorce with the aid of our mutual attorneys. There were no surprises or changes. The attorneys asked us questions which required yes or no answers. The judge smiled through the entire thing and granted the divorce. The entire matter took less than 10 minutes. It is amazing how quickly a 21 year marriage can be ended.

I am looking forward to my new future and I am excited about the chance to start over in a new home and to make new memories and traditions with my family. The dogs will be remaining with Mike once I find a new home to move to. This has always been their home and it is in their best interest to remain where they are familiar and where they do not have stairs to maneuver on. I agreed to this so don’t think it is a travesty against me. I love Max and Daisy but at their age the change would be too hard on them. I have been looking for a home that would accommodate them but after viewing 30 homes I have agreed to let Mike keep them. He wanted them and I know that he will be good to them and I know that they will be just as happy with him as they would be with me.

It will be difficult and I am sure that I will miss them terribly but I have to be unselfish and do what is in their best interest. Over the next few I will be sharing my next adventure and how I am doing all of this while maintaining my health. For now I am ending this post. It has been a very emotional day for me and I am exhausted. Good night and thanks for all of the prayers that you have said for me over the last year. I have felt your prayers.



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