Water in WV

The last 24 hours has been an adventure that I could have lived without. I am sure that most of you have heard that we had a chemical leak that has infiltrated our water supply making several counties in WV not able to use the water other than for flushing of toilets.

We are not to cook, drink or even wash with the water. We can not allow the water to make contact with our skin. There are reports of people developing blisters and rashes after showering with or digesting the water.

Stores are running out of water within a few minutes of stocking the shelves. I have been very blessed that my son is not in the areas that are under the DO NOT USE advisory. Last night he brought me 6 gallons of water in a special jug that is used for camping. Tonight my neighbor gave me 24 bottles of water that she was lucky enough to find today.

While working today I ran into problems of trying to find a bathroom at any of the gas stations or stores between my appointments. Every place I went I found a sign that said, “Out of order! Water in bathrooms is not safe!” Luckily I have some wonderful clients who allowed me to use their bathrooms in their homes.

Restaurants are under mandatory closed doors in the effected areas. Businesses are hurting. Hospitals have cancelled all non-emergency procedures until further notice. Tankers of water are being brought in for the hospitals to use.

I hear reports of people fighting over water but so far I have seen others being generous and offering to share their water. I see people on Facebook offering those of us without water the convenience of using their showers to get clean and to do laundry. I will be going to Stephen’s home to do my laundry and shower this weekend. I have family who are supporting each other and helping each other out through this. I have friends who are texting and calling to make sure that I am okay and offering assistance. All I have personally seen here is the enormous caring that people have for each other.

This will not be easy over the next few days or weeks while our water supply is clean enough for consumption and use but together we can make it!


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