WV Water Day 4

The water saga continues. The media and people on Facebook have begun calling it WV Watergate! A friend of mine who is blessed to be living in Hurricane, WV invited me to come and shower at her home and do my laundry. I was able to spend the morning with her lovely family. She and her husband are the very proud parents of 6 amazing children. While my laundry washed we played Pass the Pigs. They had never heard of the game but their son Christian couldn’t get enough of it. I am sure they will be making a trip to Walmart soon to get it.

Yesterday I went by the local fire department and picked up 48 bottles of water. I also purchased 5 gallons of water to make my orange drink with. I love the Walmart brand of Early Morning Rise. It is as close to drinking orange juice as I can get now that I have Diabetes.

I keep seeing in the news that people in WV are fighting over water and that is just not true. Everyone has been so helpful with each other. I have never seen one singe person be greedy or hateful to another. Instead I have seen people bending over backwards to be supportive, helpful and giving.

The techniques that we are using are as if we are camping but yet we still have the luxury of heat, a warm bed and internet and TV. I still say that this isn’t a crisis. It is more of an inconvenience but not a crisis. However, I will not speak for others because I am sure people with children or a sick invalid would say otherwise. I do not have their struggles to deal with. For me it is that I refuse to be negative about this. Happiness is a decision. I choose to be happy and feel blessed!

To keep my kitchen as clean as possible I will be grilling Blackened Chicken and Grilled Zucchini with Parmesan Cheese for dinner using foil instead of the nonstick pan that I usually use and wash between uses. I have had a large box of plastic utensils in my closet for over 7 years and it is has been barely touched. I like to be as green as possible and I have mentioned over the years that I do not purchase paper towels. I am still not using paper towels but I am using disposable water bottles and plastic utensils. I haven’t gotten to the point yet of using paper plates. It is just me here and I can handle washing my one little plate when I eat.

I heard this morning that people should keep a slow cooker with water in it to always have warm water and I am using that now too. That is a wonderful idea. It makes cleaning up and cooking much easier.

I figure over the next few months I will be sharing more ways to be better prepared for when a true disaster strikes. With my pantry I am prepared for food but I was not very prepared with water. I will have to correct that as soon as I get moved to wherever God is leading me in the near future.


2 responses to “WV Water Day 4

  1. Thanks for the updates on your situation. It’s one thing to hear it on the news, but another to hear it first hand. It sounds like you’re handling things pretty well. Glad for that!

  2. Grace, that’s a great idea about heating water in the slow cooker. I’m so glad you can stay positive about this. We are so blessed with the many things we take for granted.

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