WV Water Day 5

It is amazing how we take little things for granted such as washing our hands after using the bathroom or simply tossing our plates in the dishwasher following a meal. When you have to gather rain water (like I am doing now in the dark) and heating it on the stove to wash your dishes you begin to appreciate water even more. I have definitely taken it for granted and overused water. I can think of many ways to conserve water now.

WV was given the green light to start flushing out our water pipes and hot water tanks in our home. The state has been divided into zones and we are not to flush out the system until we are told it is our zone’s time. I am on the farthest edge of the system and I expect that my area will be one of the last to be told to flush out my system. I went to the local fire department today and picked up another 6 gallon jug of water and 64 bottles of water.

I am not sure that I will trust using the water to drink and cook with right away. I hope to see if others are having a reaction to it before I give it a try. I can’t imagine what side effects the exposure to these chemicals are going to cause for those in this area. My cousin just flushed out her system and said she didn’t smell the strong odor that most have reported. She is like me and plans to continue to use bottled water for cooking and drinking for a while.

Hopefully WV Watergate will be over for all of us soon! I hope we don’t discover that we all have health problems at a later time because of it.


One response to “WV Water Day 5

  1. Don’t be in s hurry to drink/cook with water from your waterlines. There will be plenty of time for that!

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