The Water is Back On!

Well yesterday morning after a week of not being able to use the water I received the notice that I could once again begin using the water once I had flushed my pipes at home. I couldn’t do it before work as it takes over an hour to do the flushing process correctly so when I returned home I began the purging. 

This didn’t go as expected. The chemical in the water is considered a cleanser so when I turned the hot water on in the kitchen sink it cleaned out my pipes for a few feet and clogged my pipes under my home. My step-father had to come and use an auger to clean it out for me. 

I am working on finding a new place to live and have begun packing boxes for the move. I found a place that I am praying that I get. It looks as if it is actually going to go through for me. I haven’t had it inspected yet but from what I could see it looks good. I could possibly be in my new start by the end of February. I am very nervous about this and terrified that if I talk about it to much that something horrible will happen and I won’t get the home. 

So how many boxes do you think it will take to move 50 years of STUFF!!!!


4 responses to “The Water is Back On!

  1. I am praying all goes well with the house and you find the perfect one for you and your needs. You are going to need a lot more boxes than you think, I hope you are planning on a yard sale. You are an inspiration.

    • Thank you Kathy. I really don’t keep things that I don’t use. I will have some appliances to sell and I hope to sell those prior to the move. Other than that it is all going with me! 🙂

  2. So sorry about all of this nonsense happening to you. Good luck with the new place! And all of that packing.

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