Pier One Tastes on a Big Lots Budget

I have decided that with the move I am changing my style from a country type decor to a more contemporary look. I have chosen bright colors for accents and am amazed at everything that I have found to decorate with.

Last week Donna and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby and I found a few things that I dearly loved. I found this lamp but I didn’t like the price tag. I plan to do my own version of this lamp with spray paint and bright fabric. I will show it to you once I get moved.

I found this cute cowboy that would look great in Caleb’s cowboy themed room. I haven’t bought it yet though.

Today I went to Pier One with my neighbor Courtney and found so many things that I loved and hope to duplicate in some way soon. They had so many things in my color palette. Unfortunately I have Pier One tastes on a Big Lots budget. Aren’t these things beautiful?

This pillow was $40. I think I should be able to embroider something close to this. I need to think this through some more. This would look great on my couch in the living room.

This lamp would look pretty on my green sofa table or in the middle of the dining room table.

I liked these place mats even though I already have some really nice place mats already that would look great in there.

The following items all match and would look great in the dining room. I am in love but unfortunately I will have to come up with another plan and look for something similar to these. Just watch me come up with a more affordable alternative. Donna is very good at helping come up with ideas.

I had several items that I had on a list of things that I NEEDED for the move. I needed a new broom, curtains for the bedroom and a trashcan for the outside of the home. At this house the garbage collectors provided a trash can. I won’t have that option at the new home. I was able to get everything today on sale. I even found new pillows for bed that I have been needing. I only sleep on my side and I noticed that my neck is hurting so I needed a new pillow. It is amazing to me how God is providing all of my needs and helping me to afford these items. I am truly blessed.


3 responses to “Pier One Tastes on a Big Lots Budget

  1. Love your color pallet. I would love any of those things on my house.

  2. lol, love the title! You kinda described me, too!;) Can’t wait to see your DIY photos.

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