What A Day!

Yesterday it reached 73 here in WV and it was fabulous. I drove around with the AC on in my car and no coat at all. This morning when I left the house it was 57 degrees and by the time I came home it is 33 degrees and snowing. This is crazy.

Today after work I called my sister, Donna and the conversation went like this.

Me: I think I have time to come by your house.

Donna: Oh good. I have chicken to make for dinner.

Me: Do you have capers and lemon juice too?

Donna: Yep!

hehehe I am so spoiled. We had chicken piccata and it was wonderful.

I also went “shopping” at Donna’s house too. Shopping involves entering her guest room and seeing a lamp that I love and putting it in my car! hahahaha

I also saw a heated full body massage mat in her garage and I am currently sitting in my living room in my pajamas sitting on this thing and wondering why I haven’t gotten one of these of my own. I may have to actually try to buy this from them to keep it permanently. hahaha

Life is good. I am so close to being in my own home. I am so very blessed. God has a plan for me and I am confident that it will all work out in his time.


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