House Update

First I have to apologize for not responding to comments that people have been making. With the move and working I have been swamped. I used to have a problem going to sleep at night and since I moved I am sleeping like a baby now. I think walking up and down the stairs so much has been giving me a lot of exercise. I love it.

My stepfather, Bill and my mother came to my home and painted my bedroom ceiling for me and then a co-worker came over and we painted the walls the next day. Bill came in later and just shook his head at our attempts. He wasn’t impressed with the trim work we did along the ceiling. When I came home from work the next day he had came over and fixed it. haha After that he and Mom took over the painting detail of my new home.

I chose to do one wall in the living room orange and the others a khaki color. The ceiling is white but the glow from the lamp makes it appear to be yellow. For now I will share my favorite 2 spots in the room. this is the corner where hopefully a piano will go someday. Do you like the lamp? My sister Donna invited me over to go “shopping” in her garage and guest room and I got the lamp at her home. Shopping at her house doesn’t involve money at all. haha The wall sconces Caleb bought me at a yard sale for $1. I think they are perfect in this corner. The picture came from Hobby Lobby.

I have a large bay window in my living room. It is very pretty during the day but at night it just draws my attention to it. The large round basket candle holders came from Donna’s home when I was “shopping”. She has great taste! I bought the lamps at the Salvation Army for $4.



The dining room is completed now. I am very happy with the way it turned out. One wall is green and the others are khaki too. Do you remember the chest of drawers that I renovated a few months ago? I am using it in the dining room to store my linens. It is perfect here.  The painting came from Hobby Lobby and the orange tiered candy dish came from a yard sale a couple of years ago for $2. I have added almond colored candles in the candle holders after taking the picture.

Once I had the linen chest in there and the picture on the wall the placemats that I had planned to use on my table didn’t quite seem fitting for in there. Donna and David blessed me with a gift basket and in it included placemats, candles, napkins and napkin rings along with a few more goodies that fit my color scheme. I love the way my dining room table looks now.  Donna had already given me the candle holder in the middle of the table but I needed 2 more so she came back the next day with the other 2 from her bedroom and now my table is complete. I love shopping at Donna’s home!! hahaha

I will be sharing more pictures along the way but this is it for now. I am holding off showing the entire living room and the bedrooms until I get finishing touches on them. I am sooooo close to be finished! Please forgive me for not posting a lot while I am getting settled. I promise to post again as soon as I can.





9 responses to “House Update

  1. YOU are using lamps?? I thought you didn’t like lamps! It is all coming together beautifully!

  2. great job

  3. Beautiful! I especially like the dining room: cool chairs!

    • Thank you Elaine. I went to many stores before choosing them. I bought them at Oak Express in Barboursville WV. They are very comfortable when our family get together for game night and holidays.

  4. Beautiful! Your family sounds like a true blessing.

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