Hawaii Day 3

On Saturday while we were in Hawaii we rented a car and explored the island. We found a cute little farmer’s market/swap meet that had very cute things to purchase. Afterwards we went to a cute little restaurant on the ocean and the scenery was beautiful. The food was wonderful. I had the catch of the day which was very fresh. I just can’t get that here in West Virginia. This is Kristin taking pictures of the ocean from our table.

Everywhere we went we were surrounded by little birds begging for food from our tables. Birds were not as skittish there as they are at home.

Kristin had been wanting to get a tattoo and we found a very nice, clean shop and she got this very cute tattoo on her foot. It really is beautiful.

We knew that we couldn’t possibly leave Hawaii without visiting the volcano so we set off across the island to find it. When we left the restaurant it was about 85 degrees and we were wearing tank tops, shorts and flip flops. After about 90 minutes we were definitely away from the beach area and we happened to come across hundreds of goats roaming along the side of the road. We pulled over to take their pictures and when we exited the car we quickly realized that it was about 40 degrees outside now.

We didn’t spend very much time outside of the car because it was freezing. After we started driving again we began feeling enormous pressure in our ears and an empty water bottle actually collapsed.

Within a few minutes we began to drive through what we thought was fog and it was only 4:10 in the afternoon. We could barely see to drive and there was a fine mist on the windshield and we had to use the wipers the entire time. We could barely hear each other speak and we just couldn’t figure out what we were getting ourselves into at this point.

When we got to the volcano we spoke to someone that was able to explain what we had just experienced. He said that we had just drove over a mountain and we were at 9000 miles above sea level. We didn’t drive through fog. We had been driving through the clouds. The next morning we looked up at the mountain and noticed that the mountain was definitely sitting in the clouds.

We loved the volcano.

While we were in the volcano museum Kristin came running up to me to tell me she had learned about the volcano lava tube. It is a huge underground tube that was hollowed out naturally by hot lava flowing. We quickly jumped in the car to make it to the lava tube before it got dark.

This was large enough for us to easily walk through without having to bend over. The wooded area that led us to the lava tube reminded me of what it would be like to walk through a rain forest. It was beautiful.

Kristin was a great traveling companion. She was always smiling and happy to go at a moments notice. She has a great sense of direction too which truly helped me because I was always getting lost over there. 🙂

I loved traveling around in Hawaii and experiencing all the sights and natural foods that were available. We tried some native fruits that I have no idea what they were called or how many carbs were in them. I just knew that this was going to be a once in a lifetime experience and I wasn’t going to miss a moment of it. I am grateful for Kristin agreeing to go with me. Everyone who earned the trip was allowed to take a guest with them and now that I am divorced it gave me the opportunity to spend this time with the woman who makes my son and grandson happy every single day. She is a truly wonderful person who deserves to travel around the world and enjoy everything that life has to offer.


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  1. So glad you had this opportunity! What a lovely trip. Good for you!!!!

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