RIP Brinkmann Grill!

My Brinkmann Grill is dying. It is literally having pieces of it fall off of it. I can’t say that it is shocking but it is one of the sadder moments for me. I LOVE my Brinkmann Grill. If anyone is looking for a really great grill I highly recommend this brand of grill. My grill is about 10 years old and for a grill to last that long is truly amazing.

All of my grilled recipes on this blog were made on my Brinkmann grill. It has 3 burners which is exactly what I needed to make my Beer Chicken with Vegetables and my new recipe of Teriyaki Glazed Duck (Duck recipe coming soon). I can’t imagine making it through summer without my grill but right now replacing it isn’t in my budget. To say that I have had a rough year is an understatement. I will persevere though and will survive.

Do you recall the horrible water damage that occurred in the kitchen when I first started the blog and I was without a kitchen for many months? I did the majority of my cooking on my Brinkmann Grill. Can you tell that I am distraught to be losing my precious grill? I have been surfing the net looking at grills and trying to find a good deal on one. Unfortunately, it looks as if getting another Brinkman won’t be in my budget. sniff sniff. My last 2 grills were Brinkmann’s and I just can’t imagine not having another but as with everything else in life it is time to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. I will keep you informed as to what grill I am able to get and when. It just won’t be the same though.

RIP Brinkman Grill!


One response to “RIP Brinkmann Grill!

  1. We have eaten a lot of meals made on your Brinkman grill & I’m sure whatever brand of grill you get your meals will be just as good. Yum Yum!!

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