Pinnacle Rock State Park

Today I was in McDowell County on business and found that I could not find a public restroom anywhere. Now let me tell you how this went down. One of my clients stood me up after I had driven 3 hours to get there. I still had other appointments in the area but I had 90 minutes before my next meeting so I had some time to get to know the area.

I decided that I needed gasoline and also to go to the restroom. I had to drive 10 minutes before I found a gas station. Guess what? No public restrooms. They told me that the next gas station down the road had an outdoor restroom. I had expected that to mean that the restroom was on the outside of the building. Nope. That isn’t what it meant. It meant a portapotty placed in the heat of the sun right beside the diesel fuel pump. So that was a no go too. They informed me that the next public restroom would be 15 minutes away. So back in my cute little car I went. Her name is Fiona! One of my followers over on my facebook page helped to name her. 🙂

Mom you need to stop reading now!

I get to the next gas station and by this time I thought I would wet my pants. As I am pulling into the gas station a police car swoops in lights a blazing and the police officer jumps from the car with his hand on his gun and begins screaming at a man who is standing beside his car next to the pumps. Now I had to go to the bathroom and I was determined that no matter what I was going to go at this location. I pulled Fiona around the man the police were yelling at. I jumped out of my car and entered the building without looking back. I was hoping that Fiona didn’t end up with a bullet hole in her.

I came back out of the convenience mart just in time to see the police haul the man away in handcuffs. I still needed gasoline but with the confusion I couldn’t get to the pumps so I get back into Fiona and begin driving back towards the little town that I originally started in. While on the way I see a beautiful little park along the side of the road in Mercer County.

I wish that I had my camera with me but my cell phone would have to do. This picture does not do it justice. This was actually in Mercer County and the park is Pinnacle Rock State Park. I was in love.

There was a sign that said there was an overlook trail. I would love to have more time to follow the trail to actually see the overlook. So this was my crazy day. A little excitement and adventure to keep me awake. So I know my Mom hasn’t stopped reading- so since I am typing this I apparently wasn’t shot by anyone during my travels today! 🙂 I love you Mom!!



2 responses to “Pinnacle Rock State Park

  1. you found beauty in the middle of the storm!

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