Shower Door

Today was a big day in the home remodeling project at my home. In the master bedroom I have a very tiny bathroom with a toilet and a shower stall. At first I had thought to completely gut the bathroom and install a new shower stall and toilet because they are blue. The wall is also a chocolate brown. When I moved in the shower stall only had the old metal trim from a shower door that had been removed a long time ago. It also had very brown grout around it.

I had my doubts if the old grout could be removed but earlier this week my parents came over and together they were able to get the old metal trim off and all of the old grout came off with chiseling and deep cleaning.

Today my stepfather- Bill came and together he and I installed a new shower door. I love this door but boy was it a chore to get it installed. It was a tight fit and despite many setbacks Bill never gave up. I think we made a good team. Now I can work on painting the room and eventually installing new tile flooring. This room will be beautiful!

The blue is actually growing on me. 🙂


4 responses to “Shower Door

  1. I know the remodeling and renovating is hard for you now, but it will really make the house your home. In the coming years, you will also have some funny situations to remember. Good job!

    • Oh I definitely have funny situations from this move and resettling. It is amazing how different my life is now!

  2. I once purchased a house with mint green tile in the bathroom. After a long period of considering my options (and lack of funds) I decided to embrace the color and incorporated it into my décor and it turned out great! Good luck with your project.

    • I think this is the way that I will have to go too. My mind is really racing with the possibilities. I now have art to put in there that will tie it all together!

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