Chocolate Shake

I made this today after coming home from listening to a friend play in a local band. Whitestone Redemption played on top of a local restaurant that is located next to the river and it was hot but the band was wonderful. I am so glad that I was able to go. It was nice to chat again.  The man playing the white guitar and his wife used to work with me at one of the nursing homes where I worked as a Social Worker.

I found the recipe for the chocolate shake at DJ Foodie’s blog. To find her recipe please go here.

Chocolate Shake

The only change that I made to it was to use Splenda instead of Swerve as I do count the sugar alcohols in my carb count and 33 carbs from the sugar alcohols do effect me and spike my glucose. It was a wonderful cold drink to relax and cool off after returning home.



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  1. That link just brings up the same picture of the band.

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