Polish Sausage with Bacon and Broccoli

As a single woman I have found most of my recipes are just too large for a single person or even a couple who don’t want to be eating the same meal for more than one extra evening. I found this recipe to be very good, quick and it only made one serving. Of course if you want to make it for your family feel free to increase the portions. It can be easily done.

You will need to have everything chopped prior to beginning to cook as it cooks very quickly and you will need to stir non-stop. There will not be need to add additional salt as the bacon, polish sausage and the Saute Express all contain salt.

Polish Sausage with Bacon and Broccoli

  • 3 slices of thin sliced bacon, cut into bite size pieces
  • 1 bunch of broccoli with florets cut into bite size pieces
  • 2 polish sausage links, sliced into bite size pieces
  • 1 square, LandOLakes Saute Express- Garlic and Herb

Fry bacon in a nonstick pan and when cooked entirely remove the bacon from the pan but leave the grease. Add the Saute Express square to the pan and stir quickly to melt. Toss in broccoli and continue to stir non-stop until broccoli is almost completed. Add polish sausage and stir another minute to heat thoroughly. Serve hot. This could also be good with cheese on it but I liked it as is.  One very large serving or 2 small.



10 responses to “Polish Sausage with Bacon and Broccoli

  1. Olivia Walton

    This was a definite hit in my house!! I tweaked it a bit and added shrimp as well. Very good and filling, and low carb!!!

  2. It was great! I added some minced garlic and cheese on top and melted. It was definitely a thimbs up.

  3. I created something similar to this a year ago! I bake the bacon on a cookie sheet while I toss the sausage, broccoli, onion, olive oil & garlic in a zip bag. When the bacon is almost done I take it. When it’s cool enough to dice I add it to my mix then throw it all back on the cookie sheet and bake. It can be prepped ahead, is easy and tasty! Glad to see other people have tried it too! Super yummy😁

  4. Can not find land o lakes saute, what can I substitute?

  5. What could I use instead of the Land O’Lakes sauté express? None of the stores carry it.

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