Chicken Paprika with Sour Cream Gravy

This was so simple to make and awesome at the same time. I almost didn’t make this and I am so glad that I did. When I mixed up the spices I worried that it would be too much but it was perfect. The recipe calls for chicken thighs but I used chicken breasts as I do not like thighs. It was very tender and juicy and flavorful. I served it with roasted brussel sprouts with parmesan cheese. You can throw them both in the oven and do something else while it cooks. This only took about 10 minutes of prep time for the entire meal.

I found the recipe on the I Breathe…I am Hungry… website. Click here to find the recipe. Chicken Paprika with Sour Cream Gravy


6 responses to “Chicken Paprika with Sour Cream Gravy

  1. Yay! I’m glad this one made the cut because it looks amazing.

    • It was very good. The other recipe that I tried will NEVER make it to the blog. It was horrible but very pretty.

  2. Yes, this looks and sounds delicious! Now I’m curious what other recipe you tried. lol

  3. I stumbled across your blog searching for recipes. I recently was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. I love your site and have already compiled a list of your recipes. You put a lot of work into this!! Thanks for the valuable information.

    • Welcome to the blog. I remember exactly how you are feeling right now. It will get easier for you. I promise. If you need anything just let us know.

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