My Boys!

I have been very blessed with being able to spend time this summer with both of my grandsons. They are both growing up so quickly and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. Last month I went to Virginia for a few days and I got to get little boy hugs from Isaiah. Each day we went to a playground and he was so independent but he didn’t like to be far from Mommy.

This is Isaiah playing with his toy food that I bought him for his birthday. He is going to be quite the little chef someday!

Isaiah playing on the tractor. This was his favorite thing to play on. He could really make it go back and forth.

Don’t worry one of us was on the ground below the opening and one of us was always directly behind him. He would start up the stairs and then look back and say, “Are you coming?” Of course we all had to go down the slides with him,

Caleb is now playing football and learning to swim and float. I have a nice pool at my new home and he loves coming to visit on the weekend just to get in the water. On our first trip he refused to take off the water wings to keep him afloat. Now he only wears goggles, dives below the water to get things off the bottom of the pool, and can swim short distances. Last weekend he learned to float. He was very proud of himself.

Caleb is now playing football and he loves it. He is getting pretty good at keeping his eye on the ball.

So this is how I have been spending my summer. I have 2 new recipes to try today. If I like them they will be on this blog soon. πŸ™‚


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