New Project

While visiting my daughter in Virginia last week I went to an antique mall and found a piece of furniture that will be perfect for my home. I am not exactly sure what to call this. It is sort of a bookshelf and sort of a desk. What do you think this is?

The top shelf folds down to make a desk.

Whoever painted it in the past didn’t do a very good job of it. The furniture wasn’t primed or sanded and the paint is peeling horribly. I will be stripping it down and adding paint, wash and a wax to it.

Do any of you have any idea of what era this piece is from and what it is exactly called so I can do research on it?


3 responses to “New Project

  1. looks like some form of a”secretary” desk

  2. We called them secretaries back in the 1950s. I had one and I was in high school then.

  3. Looks like a great find!

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