Art With Caleb


I have thoroughly loved every age of my grandchildren. They are so great to watch experience new things. This morning Caleb played football and he was one big mud ball when it was over.

He got to play the Center position this morning and he really enjoyed it. He loves football and even the drizzle and cold temperatures didn’t stop the boys from having fun on the field this morning.

After the game he came back to my house to spend the night and I gave him a little lesson on Abstract art. He said he had seen it at the art museum when he went with his school. I had bought some canvas a few weeks ago so I brought them out and we did our own version of Abstract Art. First we taped off areas of the canvas.

Then we began painting in the areas.

After it had dried we used a stencil and some antique lace color of paint and added faint flowers to the top. Then we removed the tape and were very pleased with the finished project. At one point Caleb was not happy with his painting because he had mixed the paints so much on his canvas. In the end his painting was much prettier than mine. I need to take lessons from the six year old. šŸ™‚

Don’t tell his Mommy about his painting. Monday is her birthday and he is giving her this as a present. šŸ™‚

Isaiah went to the beach last week with his parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and even his great-grandmother on his Dad’s side of the family. He had so much fun. I was blessed that Samantha shared pics of his fun on the beach.

Orange is definitely his color!




One response to “Art With Caleb

  1. Precious, Caleb is growing & learning so fast he is real smart, You do nice things with caleb, that is why he enjoys coming to your house so much.. love his Football pic. & his beautiful gift will be a BIG hit,Love the pics of Isaiah are special, I knew he would love the Beach& he is a cutie. Thanks for sharing & Happy Bithday again sounds like a special one.

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