Geocaching with Caleb

I finally have taught Caleb how to hike and geocache. I had so much fun with him this weekend. I picked him up yesterday and we had a weekend of fun. First I took him to a Halloween Party at the local fire department. I am not sure what he saw at this exact moment but we laughed so hard while there.

He loved getting to get inside the fire trucks too.

After the Halloween Party we went to a birthday party. With all of the parties and sweets that he consumed to say he had a lot of energy is an understatement. I couldn’t keep up with him inside the house so I took him on a 1.25 mile walk through the neighborhood to help him to burn it off. He was very good and he always notices everything around him. He was very impressed with the Halloween decorations in this yard.

This morning we attended church and when Caleb’s favorite song began to play I had to take his picture. Can you tell from the look on his face how happy he was to be singing this song?

After church we went to a local park and had a picnic. He insisted on taking a table cloth, napkins and real plates. haha He saw people on TV do it that way.

Following lunch we embarked on the trails and went looking for hidden treasures. I had never taken him into the woods with me before and he had no difficulty climbing over downed trees and he was so excited to look through the downed leaves. He never stopped smiling.

This was our first treasure and it only took us 45 minutes to find it in the woods.

Our second treasure was the easiest to find. It only took about 30 minutes and was on the same trail as the first geocache.

We even had enough time to play on some of the playground equipment before it was time to take him back to his Mommy.

I enjoyed showing Caleb different things through the woods such as lichen that was growing in several places and dried poison ivy to avoid. We found this orange fungus type of stuff growing in the end of a downed tree stump. Does anyone know what this is?

So this was my crazy busy weekend of fun with Caleb. I wish Isaiah lived closer. He is currently nursing a cold at his home with his parents. I love both of my boys. They are my reason for living.



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