Goodbye 2014

Wow this has been an amazing year for me. There have been moments that I would love to forget but there have many blessings as well. I choose to dwell on the blessings.

My divorce was final in January but even though it was the biggest struggle for me it was a birth of sorts as well. I chose to take my maiden name back. Each time I use the name I can feel the support of my father around me. I have thought of him often this year. He died when I was 14 but there are days that his memory is so vivid in my mind and heart it is as if he is here with me. I am blessed.

I had to give up my basset hounds and that was so difficult. While it was hard God blessed me by giving me an amazing neighbor who has a puppy that shares her with me. I get to walk her and play with her but I can give her back and not to have to worry when I am working 14 hour days. I am blessed.

With the divorce I also needed to move. Finding a home to move to was more stressful than the divorce. God put a faithful woman in my life in the form of my Realtor, Lyla Woodward. She never lost her temper with me. She showed me 31 homes before I finally found the home for me. This isn’t just a house. This is a home. I feel so at peace here. God moved mountains to make this home happen for me. Just when I would think that I wouldn’t get the home God showed me he was in control and he even provided a surprise bonus at work that actually paid my deposit for my home on the exact week that I needed it. I am blessed.

When my 16 year old car finally died God helped me to get a new car that actually saves me so much in gas that it is paying the payment for me. I love having a reliable car. I am blessed.

At my old home I had neighbors that I loved dearly. I still miss them but I have stayed in touch with them. I am spending New Years Day with them. I was nervous moving to a new area and having to meet new people but once again God was in charge. I have 2 wonderful women in the neighborhood that I call a friend. I know that God sent me these women. Andrea and Stephanie are amazing. I am blessed.

I have had jobs before that paid the bills but the stress level of those jobs was overwhelming. God led me to where I work now and while I work long hours I love the freedom that it provides me and I would be very sad if I ever had to leave there. It allows me to pay my bills and I have the possibilities of expanding there if it is what God wants for me. The company sent me to Hawaii in April and I was allowed to take my daughter-in-law with me. I have memories from that trip that I will never forget. I loved Kristin before we went but I love her even more now. My son and grandson are lucky to have her in their lives. I am so so blessed.

While there were difficult times the good has definitely outweighed the bad. My marriage ended 2 years ago but the actual day of court was in January 2014. I have not dated. I have been asked out but I am putting it in God’s hands if he wants me to date. If He does He will need to literally drop him into my lap and I will audibly hear Him say, “This one!” haha Until then I will get to know who I am now. This is a new me. I have a new name, a new home, new Church, new friends, new car and it is amazing how peaceful it is to come each day and to know that God is in control and He loves me. He actually loves me. No matter how unworthy I am, He loves ME! I am so in awe of how he has taken such care in every little detail of my life. That only means that 2015 will be an amazing year! I am so so blessed!

Happy New Years!


9 responses to “Goodbye 2014

  1. God Bless You in the New Year!! You have been an inspiration to me and you have accomplished much!! I enjoy all of your blogs and recipes on my e-mail and facebook!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Thank you. I struggle constantly with the weight since the divorce but I will not give up. God has a plan for me just as he does for you too!


    Grace, I am so happy for you. The hand of God touched me this year also. I am a walking miracle because of his Grace. You go, girl!

  3. Amazing how God is working in your life! 🙂 Your positive attitude is an inspiration! 🙂 Happy New Year to you!

  4. While I always love your post I especially loved this one. I love seeing who you have become, in light of all you’ve been through. I look forward to see big things in your future. God protects those that are His, your a living example of His awesome love.

  5. This post makes me so happy! It is a wonderful thing to know that God guides us where he wants us. This past year God has guided us also. I hope this coming year is wonderful for you! I’m glad you’re doing so well.

  6. You are blessed….AND….you are a also a blessing! 🙂

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