Low Carb Lunch Idea #36

I am going to be posting a few low carb lunch ideas for people who do not have access to a microwave with their job. This is what I have been experiencing and it is possible to maintain a low carb diet but you need to plan ahead.

This week I have made a large bowl of Broccoli Salad to take for my lunch. I am adding a side of strawberries to go with it too. I have learned to keep an Atkins shake and a low carb protein bar in my cooler just in case I end up working late or feeling my glucose level is dropping too low. Being prepared keeps me from making poor choices while on the road with my job.

I bought a new 31 brand insulated cooler to take my lunch in. I keep 2 20ounce reusable bottles of orange flavor sugar free drink. I buy the Walmart brand called Early Orange Rise. This is my favorite flavor. As most of you know I do not buy paper towels or paper napkins so I always keep a cloth napkin in my cooler and one in my glove box of my car just in case I need an extra one.


6 responses to “Low Carb Lunch Idea #36

  1. Your lunch looks yummy Grace! I have not heard of the EarlyOrange Rise drink. What section of the store would I find it?

    • It is with the Crystal Light packages but it walmart brand. I dont care for the Crystal Light flavor of orange drink. This one is very good

  2. What kind of low carb protein bars are those?

    • They are the Fit and Active Brand. I prefer two flavors the most. One is strawberry filling with a white coating on the outside. The other is a chocolate peanut butter flavor. They come in a box and are not sold individually. Once you subtract the fiber it comes to about 9 carbs per bar. Not bad for a meal replacement with an Atkins shake when I am working over and need something quick.

  3. Where can I find the recipe for the broccoli salad? Thanks!

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