Ladies Spa Day

Today was a wonderful relaxing day. I was supposed to go with 2 friends to a spa but one got up sick this morning and was unable to go. 😦 Stephanie and I still went to the spa and had a wonderful time. We went to the Palm Salon and Spa in Cross Lanes, WV. My Realtor, Lyla Woodward is the person to do the facials and hair removal there and she was the one to encourage me to see the massage therapist, Vicky there. This morning I got up to see a beautiful dusting of snow on the grass but the roads were clear and it was a very peaceful while I drove to the spa for my day of relaxation.

First I met with Lyla and had a facial that was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep while she was doing it. I was going to have a 30 minute deep tissue massage so she had me get undressed and under the blanket on the heated massage table. The lights were dim and very soothing peaceful music was lulling me into a serene place of relaxation. After a 30 minute facial with Lyla the therapist Vicky Webb entered the room and began to work on my back, neck and shoulders.

I began seeing Vicky a few weeks ago following dislocating my shoulder and she has performed miracles on my neck, shoulder and back. The last time she massaged my back I hadn’t felt any pain for 3 weeks until yesterday morning. I had awoken to pain caused from a muscle being out of place. By noon it finally popped back into place but it left my back being a bit tender. Once again I left the spa completely pain free. Vicky is amazing with how she finds the point of pain and dissolves it. Once again I was so relaxed that I almost went to sleep.

Afterwards I met with LaTasha Daniels to have my eyebrows shaped. She did a very good job. I am very pleased with my eyebrows. My friend Stephanie told me she was very relaxed and loved all of the ladies at the Spa. I am sure that she will be returning.

We continued the relaxing day by returning to my home for dinner which was all low carb and healthy. Our friend and neighbor Andrea came down to join us and we sat around the table for hours laughing together. I have said before that God has placed wonderful people in my life to become a lifelong friend with and I truly believe that with all of the ladies that I spent my day with.

For our dinner we had the following

Garlic Pepper Steaks

Mashed Cauliflower

Grilled Zucchini with Parmesan

Broccoli Salad

Veggie Tray with Sweet Red Pepper Dip

“Cornbread” muffins- low carb




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