Never Look Back

Yes it is time for another book review. I have actually read 2 books that I want to tell you about. Both of them have been written by Linda Lael Miller and are the second and third book in a trilogy.

The last book review that I gave on this blog seemed to disappoint a certain reader and I received a hateful private comment from her. I can not make everyone happy with this blog and I will disappoint people along the way. That is a given. This may sound cold but if you are so unhappy with my choices in literature that it leads you to send a hateful comment to a total stranger then you may want to consider following another blog. I have had enough negativity in the last two years that I will not tolerate anyone else passing judgement on me over something as silly as a book review.

So that being said here is my book review.

Never Look Back- Clare Westbrook is a defense attorney who has opened a store front office to help people pro bono. She has a knack for getting herself into sticky situations and with the help of her gorgeous boyfriend Detective Sonterra they are once again trying to solve murders. I really enjoyed this book.

One Last Look- Clare is now engaged to Sonterra and expecting a baby in this book. She has moved to a small town where Sonterra has been appointed the Chief of Police. Once again there are murders everywhere that Clare is knee deep in. You will see many changes with Clare and at times I was frustrated with her behavior of putting herself and her unborn child into danger. I think ending this trilogy on this note was a good thing. It was a good story despite my frustrations.

The current book that I am reading is an autobiography. I am expanding my horizons! 🙂


2 responses to “Never Look Back

  1. Personally I liked your review. It is a great way to share and learn. It is a shame that some people can only find something so unimportant to pick on instead of solving some of their own issues of anger and negativity I thank you for your blog

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