Isaiah Quotes

I am currently in Virginia visiting my daughter while my wonderful neighbor is holding down the fort at home. I awoke this morning by having a cute 2 year old come into my room and crawl in bed with me. He brought his side kick Bucca who is his tuxedo cat with him.

We are having horrible flooding and snow storms in WV and the snow came to Virginia today but it is very light. Isaiah kept looking out the window hoping he would get enough snow to go sledding in. He does love the snow.

Throughout the day Isaiah cracked me up. I love the innocent things that a child can say to melt your heart. These are a few of those conversations.

#1. During lunch we had the following conversation.

Isaiah- I want strawberries

Samantha: You have to eat 3 bites of your grilled cheese sandwich before you can have strawberries.

Isaiah: 2

Samantha: No 3.

Isaiah: 2

Samantha: No 3. This is not negotiable.

Isaiah: 4

Samantha: OK you win!

He ate 4 bites and then had strawberries. hahaha

#2. During dinner. Samantha has horrible morning sickness that strikes in the evening instead of the morning. She struggled through dinner eating tiny bites at a time.

Isaiah: Mommy I am so proud of you for putting food in your tummy for the baby! I love you!

Samantha: I love you too Isaiah! hahahaha

#3. While playing hide and seek with me. He was the one hiding this time.

Me: I will count to ten and then come to find you. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Isaiah: (from under the kitchen table) what comes after 10?

Me: 11.

Isaiah: OK

Me: 6. 7. 8. 9.

Isaiah: (giggle)  you won’t find me. TEN!!! (giggle)

This kid had me cracking up today.

For dinner I made Pepper-Crusted Roast Beef, Cauliflower Au Gratin and Steamed Broccoli with butter. Isaiah loved all of it but he ate every single bite of the Cauliflower Au Gratin. He kept calling it mac and cheese. We didn’t tell him otherwise. 🙂

He promises to play with me again tomorrow and I had better rest up. I know I will be very busy! Life is good!



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