Coconut Oil

I know that I cook with coconut oil some and I highly recommend it for eating low carb. Lately I have been reading about other ways to use coconut oil and I am slowly trying those as well. I am not convinced of the benefits yet to claim that they are working but I will get back to you about it after I have done this for a month.

I have been using the coconut oil to remove my makeup and I have noticed a slight difference in my skin and the fine lines around my eyes after only a few days. I love the way it removes the mascara and eye makeup without worrying about drying out my skin in that area.

The next way that I am testing coconut oil is called oil pulling through my teeth. I have been reading about oil pulling and how it naturally removed the bacteria from my gums, softens and loosens plaque and whitens my teeth. What I have noticed after only using the coconut oil twice is that the plaque is coming of very easily and my gums do look healthier.

What it takes is swishing a tablespoon of melted coconut oil around my teeth for 20 minutes each day, followed up with brushing my teeth and using mouth wash. The taste isn’t great but it isn’t unbearable either. I can deal with it if it works. After you have swished in your mouth for 20 minutes you have to spit it out in the trash can or baggie. Do not spit it out in the sink or it will clog up your drains. Do not swallow it as it will contain bacteria from around your teeth. I will get back to you in one month to report if it works and if I notice my teeth are cleaner or whiter.

You can read 101 uses for coconut oil at this website. Along with many recipes to make your own soaps and lotions containing Coconut Oil. Click here.

That link includes directions for oil pulling through your teeth. 🙂

I really plan to make soaps and lotions using coconut oil. My co-worker uses coconut oil for her sons eczema and it works great.

So how do you use Coconut Oil?


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