Low Carb Lunch Idea #38

This is a simple lunch box idea. I am doing items that won’t require heating since I am working out of my car tomorrow. Packing a lunch is so much easier when you prepare everything the night before. This will be my lunch tomorrow.

I made a salad by buying a premixed cut blend of spring lettuces. I bought roasted turkey breast out of the deli and had them shave it. Next I bought a wedge of Sargento’s Bruschetta Jack cheese and shredded it to go on top.

I also bought Opa Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing for the first time. I am very pleased with it.

I bought this cute little bowl that has a lid with a fork and a small container for the salad dressing. Isn’t this cute? I bought it at Aldi in a 2 pack.

I also will be having a small amount of mixed nuts as a snack and strawberries as a snack. This will all go into a cute little thermal insulated cooler to stay on track while I work.


7 responses to “Low Carb Lunch Idea #38

  1. thank you for sharing all these great ideas and recipes.you help me so much to stay on track.thanks again carrie

  2. Looks like a yummy & healthy lunch. My attention was caught by the Carbmaster Black Forest Cake. Is that yogurt or what?

  3. Do you know what the total carb count is for this lunch? I’m gestational diabetic and have to really watch my carbs.

    • It comes to 17.8 net carbs for everything pictured. Since you are new doing low carb you might want to bookmark this website below. It will help you to calculate your meal. Congratulations on the new baby.

      Recipe Calculator

      • Wow that’s it?!!!! That’s great😄 I will definitely be bookmarking this blog, thanks for the congrats too.

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