Mississippi Comeback Sauce

There are salads and then there are SALADS! Today I had a SALAD for lunch that was amazing. I have begun paying close attention to what I am eating and the quality of the items that I am putting in my salads. Today’s salad included mixed spring lettuce, broccoli, baby bella mushrooms, baked ham, roasted turkey, Kerrygold Reserve Cheddar, hardboiled eggs and Mississippi Comeback Sauce for the salad dressing.

My daughter introduced me to Kerrygold Cheese several months ago and I am now buying every flavor that they make. I have never been disappointed yet.

I found the recipe for the Mississippi Comeback Sauce here.  If you substitute Heinz 1 carb ketchup for the ketchup it comes to 3 carbs per serving. I used my tupperware quick shake mixer blender. It really comes in handy for making homemade salad dressings. This recipe make a full 2 cups of salad dressing. I will always keep some handy from now on.

This salad will be my lunch for the week. I may have to return to the store for more salad items. hmmmm It will be a good week.


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