Forget The Tooth Fairy!

I think the Tooth Fairy gets too much credit. Yeah she flies around from home to home picking up teeth and leaving a dollar for the sweet sleeping child. I think the powers that be that make useful Fairies are missing the obvious need that we all have.

I NEED a Kitchen Fairy. It would be fabulous to awaken each morning to find my kitchen is clean and ready for me to try new recipes. Just think about it. No more dirty dishes, trash in the can, or crumbs on the counter. The faucet would shine.

I NEED a Grocery Fairy. I could leave my list of needed items on the counter and when I awake in the morning all of the groceries would be in my fridge and pantry. ::sigh::: Just imagine the joy of never having to dodge the carts surrounding the deli and meat counters.

I NEED a Laundry Fairy. Every Saturday all of my laundry would be clean and properly put away. The sheets on the bed would always be fresh and there would never be a shortage of clean washcloths.

I think we need to make a petition and submit it to the Fairy Counsel to request new fairies be available to help us with the day to day operations of a household. I would willingly volunteer to provide the Tooth Fairy’s responsibilities for my grandchildren. I would even wear the wings and tights if it came down to that. I would go to Claires in the mall to get body glitter and a shiny tiara. It would be so worth it to get the Fairy to make my life easier! How about you?


One response to “Forget The Tooth Fairy!

  1. this is really cute, and yes, I would love to have the cleaning fairy! have a nice day and thanks for the smile!

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