A Cool And Lonely Courage by Susan Ottaway

This book was quite a change for me. This is a biography about sisters who were spies in Occupied France during WWII. Their story is amazing. I learned so much about WWII and while parts of it were a little difficult to follow due to technical terms I am so glad that I persevered.

I have a stack of books on my nightstand to read over the next month. I have been making time to read each night for about an hour before going to sleep. I am sure that you will all get bored of seeing so many book reviews but I hope to encourage others to read.

This is what Good Reads has to say about the book.

“When elderly recluse Eileen Nearne died, few suspected that the quiet little old lady was a decorated WWII war hero. Volunteering to serve for British intelligence at age 21, Eileen was posted to Nazi-occupied France to send encoded messages of crucial importance for the Allies, until her capture by the Gestapo.

Eileen was not the only agent in her family—her sister Jacqueline was a courier for the French resistance. While Jacqueline narrowly avoided arrest, Eileen was tortured by the Nazis, then sent to the infamous Ravensbrück women’s concentration camp. Astonishingly, this resourceful young woman eventually escaped her captors and found her way to the advancing American army.

In this amazing true story of triumph and tragedy, Susan Ottaway unveils the secret lives of two sisters who sacrificed themselves to defend their country.”


2 responses to “A Cool And Lonely Courage by Susan Ottaway

  1. If I don’t read before bedtime I have a hard time falling asleep. So I very much appreciate your posts about the books you are reading!

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