My Flowerbed

I have a small flowerbed in front of my townhouse. The previous home owners left 2 rosebushes and 2 Roman Candles in the flowerbed and this got me to thinking of planting perennials so that the flowerbed could be practically self maintaining in the future. So I ran to Lowes today and bought a few perennials to start my flowerbed project.

Camelot Lavender Foxglove

The Camelot Lavender Foxglove is so pretty with delicate bell flowers. It can get between 36-42 inches high so I put this in between the stairs of the town houses where a pine tree had been previously. I am so glad to be rid of that tree. It was infested with bees last year. Yuck!!

EverLast White Eye Dianthus

EverLast White Eye Dianthus. This only gets about 8-12 inches high. I think it is very delicate looking. The EverLast variety have a longer bloom season so I am hoping to see blooms into late summer. I also bought one in pink too.

EverLast Dark Pink Dianthus

Munstead English Lavender

The Munstead England Lavender will eventually have beautiful lavender blooms all over it. This plant grows to be about 18 inches in height. The flowers bloom from June to August and they can be easily dried. I am personally looking forward to drying these in the future. I am sure my friend Andrea can help me with this.

Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Early Sunrise Coreopsis will bloom from May to August and is a self seeder. It can be aggressive and will need divided every 2-3 years. The flowers resemble daisies in a way and the blooms are plentiful.

Mystery plant

This mystery plant appeared in my flower bed last spring and I thought it was a weed so I yanked it all out. I had a client who had this in her flower bed last summer and she said it was a creeping phlox of sort and it bloomed yellow flowers. I thought that it had all been destroyed last summer but it reappeared this spring with a vengeance and I have left it for a bit to see if it blooms. Two friends of my cousins saw this picture and believes it might be a form of sedum flower. Time will tell. What is your guess? Weed or flower?

Hens and Chickens

One of my clients gave me a flower pot of hens and chickens last summer. I was very moved that she gifted me with these as they had belonged to her late son. She had about 20 flower pots of these and they had all been sprouts from one pot that had belonged to her son prior to his car accident and death. I will always think of her when I see these plants.

When I was growing up my father took a wine barrel and cut circles into the side of it. He painted the barrel white and put hens and chickens into each hole and into the top of the barrel. It very quickly filled in with hens and chickens and it was beautiful. I will never see hens and chickens without thinking of him too.

As my flower bed fills in and the flowers begin to bloom I will share more pictures. I do so love summer and spring.


2 responses to “My Flowerbed

  1. It is going to look fabulous.

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