Eye Issues

Okay people it is time once again for you to learn from my mistakes. Last week my eyes began watering and were severely red. I had a sharp pain in one spot in my right eye. On Saturday I went to a local after hours medical facility and had horrible care. I was diagnosed as having an infection and was told it wasn’t contagious. I was given directions to gargle with salt water 4 times a day and that within a week my eye inflammation and pain should be gone. I was prescribed allergy eye drops and sent on my way.

Two days later I was still in horrible pain and my eyes were still watering and red. I went to a local eye doctor and learned that I had a cyst under my right eye lid and an ulcer on my cornea in my right eye. That is where the pain was coming from. The doctor performed a test to check for infection and it was negative so I knew that I wouldn’t be contagious. She gave me a prescription for Cipro eye drops and scheduled me for a return visit today.

After only using the Cipro drops once I felt immediate relief and my pain was gone. After two days my ulcer is 90% healed. I am still to use the eye drops for a few more days and I will go back next week for another eye exam.

I googled to see what causes the ulcers and cysts under the eye lid and I thought that I would share this with you all so that you can learn from my mistakes.

  1. You should always remove your eye makeup at the end of the day. I am guilty of not doing this on long work days. Never again. I will always remove my eye makeup from now on.
  2. Your contact lenses have a length of time that you are to use them. If they say use for 2 weeks and discard then that is how long you should use them. Contact lenses build up protein on the lens which is harmful to your eyes. I am guilty of using my lenses longer than the suggested length of time. I will never do that again.
  3. Rubbing your eyes without washing your hands first. Everyone is guilty of this one.

There are of course other causes but if you avoid doing these three you really limit your chances of developing a cyst under your eyelid. I will admit that the contact lens issue is probably what caused mine. I am very lucky that I did not do permanent damage to my eye. I am very blessed.


2 responses to “Eye Issues

  1. another no no is NEVER share eye makeup!

    • That is so true Linda. I NEVER do that one. You should also replace your mascara every 30 days as well as bacteria builds up in it.

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