Kanawha State Forest

Today I was able to go hiking once again and I had so much fun. It was very nice to get back into the woods to experience nature. My good friend Lori Rainey went with me. We met about 4 or 5 years ago at my Gynecologist office where she is the Physician Assistant. She is an amazing woman and never complained today during our 8.84 mile hike through Kanawha State Forest. She has this amazing watch that tells us how many steps she took (19,946), how many calories she burned (3126), and how many flights of stairs she went up from hiking up so many hills (54). I love this watch!

Now be prepared that this will be a long post. We had no plans to hike as many miles as we did but we got lost. We were both to blame. Lori may disown me and refuse to go hiking with me again after our adventure today. I took a lot of pictures and I will comment on many of them.

This next picture is a coal mine that was closed off many years ago after people were caught making moonshine in it.

While we were hiking we eventually got lost and realized it when we found this sign indicating that we were entering Mossy Trail instead of Davis Creek Trail. hahaha Lori offered the chance for us to turn around and go back but we had already walked several miles and I thought that we should keep going to possibly find the main road. Live and Learn. hahaha

We were at a high point of a trail and we looked down and saw an enormous tree that had fallen in the ravine.

If anyone has a clue what this bush is please let me know. We were on Teaberry Trail when we found them covering several hillsides. It was beautiful.

Edited to add- Found it on Google. It is Mountain Laurel.

These honeysuckle bushes were too far away for us to tell what they were. I used the zoom on my camera and after I got home I was able to tell what they were.

It was very interesting to find these stacked rocks in the middle of the woods.

At one point I found out that Lori was a tree hugger. Of course it was when we were trying to come down a very steep decline on the side of the hill.

After hiking over 8 miles we found this sign showing us how close we had been to being on Davis Creek Trail several times. Next time we will know. That is if I can ever get Lori to go back again. hahaha

These little flowers were at the base of a tree and the sun shine was hitting it in just a way as if to point out to us that these flowers were beautiful.

When came home I found that my roses had all opened and my flower bed seemed to welcome me home.  Please ignore the holes in the leaves. I have treated them and they no longer have bugs. 🙂

Here is a video where you can hear the stream and experience the birds singing in the background.

Before we began our hike we enjoyed a lunch of Grilled Pork Chops With Two Melon Salsa and fresh cucumbers and cherries.

I am so glad that we ate before we started the hike, since when we got lost we ended up hiking about 4 hours. I took a little mini thermal container and had an Atkin’s shake and a protein bar in my backpack just in case I needed it along the trail. I am glad that I didn’t need it. The lunch was perfect to hold me over until we found our way back out of the woods. I am also glad that I didn’t hike alone. I never hike alone on trails that I am not familiar with. Lori is the best hiking partner. She is just one of those sweet Christians that you can bare your soul to and you know that it will never go anywhere else.  Today’s hike was good for the mind, body and soul! Thanks Lori.


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