Classic Pizza

I made this today for the first time and this recipe is a keeper. I made it exactly like the original recipe is written and I will link directly to it. The only change that I will make to it next time is that I will try adding extra cheese to the crust to see if I like it even more. The picture of the pizza is prettier on the original website because they had a more colorful variety of pizza toppings. I added pepperoni, mushrooms and banana peppers. This is a gluten free and low carb pizza recipe from the Wheat Belly Website. The link is at the bottom of this post.


This recipe makes a large 16 inch pizza. One thing that I loved about it that there is very little clean-up as you spread it out on parchment paper and just lift it onto a pizza pan to bake. I have this large Hamilton Beach 16 inch pizza pan that I dearly love. It is stainless steel and mine looks brand new despite over 8 years of use.


You can find the recipe here. Wheat Belly Classic Pizza recipe. 



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