Chicken Chasseur

I found this recipe on the internet and made some changes to it to make it low carb. First I left out the flour altogether. I used a teaspoon of Xanthum Gum in place of the flour when adding it to the mushroom mixture. I know that a lot of people won’t buy Xanthum Gum because it is expensive but this is worth every penny. It doesn’t take much to thicken a recipe and the jar of this will last you a very long time.

I also did not use canned tomatoes. I bought fresh tomatoes and put them through my Ninja to chop them. I also used the Ninja to finely mince the shallots. I served it with Mashed Cauliflower that I added garlic and Parmesan cheese (replace cheddar cheese with Parmesan and add garlic) to and Broiled Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese. This was a very filling meal.


I found the recipe at this site. Chicken Chasseur. I had a problem with the website slowing my computer down so I saved it to the Evernote cookbook and used that to follow while I made this. I always like to give credit to the original source of the recipe. Remember to make it to low carb to make the changes to it as I did above.


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