New Chest of Drawers

My friend Andrea gave me a chest of drawers last summer and it has taken me this long to figure out how I wanted this piece of furniture to turn out. I finally finished it today and I am very pleased with it. Andrea even came by this evening with her teenagers to help me get it from the basement to the upstairs bedroom.

I had to repair some glides on the inside of the dresser and a friend made those for me. I still have one more thing to do underneath one of the drawers to make it glide more easily and then it will be finished. I am quite pleased with it. Here are the before and after pictures.

dresser 1


dresser 2


6 responses to “New Chest of Drawers

  1. It is a wonderful transformation.

  2. You now have a beautiful piece of furniture.

  3. Oh my! What a transformation! Looks awesome! I would not have seen the potential of that chest. It went from horribly ugly to amazing! I have a chest that need glides fixed. How did you do it?

    • You can buy the glides but they are about $16 for each one and that was not in my budget. I had a friend who loved to do carpentry and he had the equipment to cut the gliders for me. He made all five for me for free. I was very blessed to have him make them for me.

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