Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger


I have found that I am reading about a book a week lately. I have been turning off the television and going to bed early. I am currently involved with three different book clubs. Two meet in person and one meets online. This book was a required read for our meeting for March at the public library. I enjoy being in book clubs because it introduces me to books that I would have otherwise never heard of such as this book, Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.

I am going to give a few spoilers possibly so if you are like me and don’t like to hear spoilers before reading a book you should stop here. This book was well written but I still only give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It is supposed to be a mystery and it didn’t hold my attention in that aspect. That said, I do have to say that I loved the Christian message that the book provided.

The book is told by the adult version of the thirteen year old boy that is experiencing tragic loss and coming of age in Minnesota in 1961. Frank Drum and his younger brother Jake are practically inseparable in this book. Their father is a local minister and their mother is the choir director. They also have an 18 year old sister who is very musically talented.

Over the course of a summer there are multiple deaths within the community including the tragic murder of their sister, Ariel. The family have to deal with their anger towards God, learning to go on after her death and how to forgive others. This story shows us God’s amazing grace and how much he loves each and every one of us whether you are the minister, a 13 year old child or even a murderer.

While reading this book I was reminded of a dear friend of mine dying back in 2000 and how traumatized I was by her death. I was told that she was murdered but nothing was ever done to bring to justice who had killed her. About three weeks after she passed two elderly women at church took me aside and offered to help pray with me for the man who had murdered my friend. I was horrified that someone actually expected me to pray for him. It took several years for me to come to terms with the fact that God loves him just as much as he loves me and God wants his soul to be clean as well. I can now freely pray for him with an open heart. It wasn’t easy but God commanded it.

I do recommend this book if you are struggling with forgiveness or a loss. The amazing love and forgiveness in this book will open your heart to the amazing peace that God has for each of us.




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