The Guest Room by Chris Bohjalian

I am currently participating in two different book clubs and a woman who is in both of these group recommended this book to me and I was very pleased. I have been reading each night before bed and downloading audio books and listening to them while I drive for work since I drive several hours each day. I have been tempted to share all of the books that I have read but I doubt that most of you want to know about ALL of my books that I am reading so I have decided to only write about the ones that I consider to be a five out of five stars. This book falls into that category.


This book is about a happily married man who throws a bachelor party for his brother and at the end of the evening  there are two dead men in his home and two women who have been brought from Russia as sex slaves on the run. This book opens your eyes to the plight of these young women and made me want to drop everything that I am doing to help them in some way.

The author helps you to understand what the ladies have gone through and the fear and torture that they have endured. If you want to know more about this story you can read about it here.

Good Reads- The Guest Room


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