Lunch Warmer Crockpot

I mentioned this little crockpot last week and I received it on Saturday. I am working from home today and decided to try it to see how it worked before taking it in the car with me. I am absolutely in love with this thing. I want to say that I am NOT getting paid by this company to endorse it. I had a neighbor recommend it to me and it is fantastic. It is not meant to cook your food. It is meant to be used with leftovers and it will heat them to a perfect temperature in about 3-4 hours. Let me show you how it works.

To purchase this little food warmer- go here. 20 ounce crockpot lunch pot

It has this great little handle which is perfect for carrying from your home to the car.


The cord wraps around the bottom and snaps into place underneath it.


The little dishwasher safe container has a lid that snaps on.I filled this last night and sat it in my fridge. This morning I dropped it into my container and screwed on the lid and plugged it into the outlet.


At noon my chili was warm. The outside of the crockpot was barely warm to the touch. No danger of burning from the outside if you touch it. The cheese began to melt the second that it touched the chili. It holds 20 ounces of food. I am so excited about this little container. I will finally have hot food in my car as I bought an inverter to plug it into the car with. To buy the inverter to use in the car go here. Inverter



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