A few weeks ago Caleb spent the night with me and he helped me look through Amazon for new games for my house. He picked out about 10 games that he might like and I purchased 3 for now. One of those games was Spontuneous. This game has turned out to be sooooooo much fun. You have to play in teams and the more people the better. Each team goes off into separate areas and they come up with songs and they choose one word from each song to be their chosen word.

Each team will take a turn giving a word and the other team has 15 seconds to sing or speak 5 words of a song using that word. As you progress around the board you will get opportunities to choose cards that make you have to do things. Caleb and my nephew’s son who is 6 years old had to sing and dance for 15 seconds to be able to progress ahead 6 paces. The kids laughed through this entire game and they won in the end.

Donna and David were here playing with us and we have said many times since then that we wished that we had recorded the boys singing and dancing. The boys have said that they are glad that we didn’t. haha

This is such a fun game and I know that it will be played often in this household. If you want to find this game please click here. Spontuneous on Amazon.


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