Seasons of Life

We all go through different seasons of our lives and I have been in a new one for the last few years. I am not the same person or in the same place as I was when I first created this page. I have a different career, am divorced and living alone. I am doing a different way of eating than I was when I created this page. I am still doing a low carb diet of sorts but it is called Trim Healthy Mama and I have learned how to use protein in a way to allow myself gentle carbs. I am still losing weight with this plan and I feel healthier every day.

For some reason I have had no joy using this blog for a very long time. I have been considering closing it but not removing the recipes that are already currently posted and I will be doing that. I may occasionally make a post but to be honest I doubt that I will. I will also be closing my facebook Grace2882 page as well. I am not removing it from Facebook but I will change it to no posts and no comments. This will allow people to keep the recipes that they have saved from that page. If I were to delete the page people would lose the recipes that are saved there.

I am keeping my facebook page that is a support group called Grace2882 Workout. I have gotten so much support from the ladies there and most of them are doing the THM plan as well. I look forward each to going to that page and sharing with them.

I am enjoying my life that I have now. I am cooking new recipes, working a career that I deeply love, sewing a lot and reading a lot. I love my calm lifestyle. I am just in a different place and I am not the woman that I was when I created this page. I hope that you understand.

So I am leaving this blog up so that you can keep using the recipes posted but I will be closing comments and seriously doubt that I will be making anymore posts. I want to just live my life and not talk about it. I hope that you understand!



One response to “Seasons of Life

  1. Carrie Tschann

    Im so sad to see you go. As a stove West Virginia girl I have felt such a connection. Thanks for all your sharing, with that being said i do understand God bless, Carrie

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