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Deviled Eggs with Relish

A few weeks ago Caleb and I were at church and following the morning service we had a church luncheon where everyone brought food to share. Caleb was on cloud nine because someone brought a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken and another woman made Deviled Eggs with Relish.

We made our plates and I put him at a table and went to get our drinks. When I returned his little mouth was stuffed and he was mumbling, “Eat your egg! Eat your egg!” I tried it and it is now my favorite deviled egg recipe. I was able to track down the lady who made them and Carol Parsons was nice enough to share the recipe with me.

This is the recipe that she used. Enjoy.

Deviled Eggs with Relish

My Weekend With Caleb

I haven’t been able to get Caleb for the weekend in 4 weeks for several reasons. I have really missed this kid. I wish that Isaiah lived closer so that he could be here too. They would love spending time with each other.

Yesterday morning I went to Caleb’s last soccer game of the season. He loves to jump right into the game and to give it all he has! I love to watch him play.

Stephen and Kristin are wonderful parents and love him so much. I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Afterwards Caleb came home with me and we went to the pool for a couple of hours. Just enough to get a little bit pink. I always avoid getting a sunburn as best as I can.

Afterwards we went bicycling and we rode about 2.5 miles. Then he played on the playground with other children in the neighborhood.

Today we went to the Legion Fight Club where I take my karate classes and Caleb was able to participate in the boxing class. Doesn’t he look tough in my hot pink boxing gloves?

He said that he would love to continue going to the Fight Club and I would love to see him learn to defend himself. He didn’t complain about the healthy clean eating that we did this weekend either. This kid is so much fun to be around. He is always ready to go and experience new things. Being a Grandma is one of my biggest blessings.

Kanawha State Forest

Today I was able to go hiking once again and I had so much fun. It was very nice to get back into the woods to experience nature. My good friend Lori Rainey went with me. We met about 4 or 5 years ago at my Gynecologist office where she is the Physician Assistant. She is an amazing woman and never complained today during our 8.84 mile hike through Kanawha State Forest. She has this amazing watch that tells us how many steps she took (19,946), how many calories she burned (3126), and how many flights of stairs she went up from hiking up so many hills (54). I love this watch!

Now be prepared that this will be a long post. We had no plans to hike as many miles as we did but we got lost. We were both to blame. Lori may disown me and refuse to go hiking with me again after our adventure today. I took a lot of pictures and I will comment on many of them.

This next picture is a coal mine that was closed off many years ago after people were caught making moonshine in it.

While we were hiking we eventually got lost and realized it when we found this sign indicating that we were entering Mossy Trail instead of Davis Creek Trail. hahaha Lori offered the chance for us to turn around and go back but we had already walked several miles and I thought that we should keep going to possibly find the main road. Live and Learn. hahaha

We were at a high point of a trail and we looked down and saw an enormous tree that had fallen in the ravine.

If anyone has a clue what this bush is please let me know. We were on Teaberry Trail when we found them covering several hillsides. It was beautiful.

Edited to add- Found it on Google. It is Mountain Laurel.

These honeysuckle bushes were too far away for us to tell what they were. I used the zoom on my camera and after I got home I was able to tell what they were.

It was very interesting to find these stacked rocks in the middle of the woods.

At one point I found out that Lori was a tree hugger. Of course it was when we were trying to come down a very steep decline on the side of the hill.

After hiking over 8 miles we found this sign showing us how close we had been to being on Davis Creek Trail several times. Next time we will know. That is if I can ever get Lori to go back again. hahaha

These little flowers were at the base of a tree and the sun shine was hitting it in just a way as if to point out to us that these flowers were beautiful.

When came home I found that my roses had all opened and my flower bed seemed to welcome me home.  Please ignore the holes in the leaves. I have treated them and they no longer have bugs. :)

Here is a video where you can hear the stream and experience the birds singing in the background.

Before we began our hike we enjoyed a lunch of Grilled Pork Chops With Two Melon Salsa and fresh cucumbers and cherries.

I am so glad that we ate before we started the hike, since when we got lost we ended up hiking about 4 hours. I took a little mini thermal container and had an Atkin’s shake and a protein bar in my backpack just in case I needed it along the trail. I am glad that I didn’t need it. The lunch was perfect to hold me over until we found our way back out of the woods. I am also glad that I didn’t hike alone. I never hike alone on trails that I am not familiar with. Lori is the best hiking partner. She is just one of those sweet Christians that you can bare your soul to and you know that it will never go anywhere else. ┬áToday’s hike was good for the mind, body and soul! Thanks Lori.

Clean Eating Low Carb Recipes

I am at the point now where I am trying to do clean eating as well as low carb. I am going to do the 30 day cleanse of eating only unprocessed foods, no gluten and no dairy or legumes. If you are new to low carbing don’t attempt to make your meals too complicated. I could never have done both low carb and clean eating when I first started doing low carb. If you are new to low carb just get your bearings and then as you are more able to control your cravings and make meal plans you can toy with doing clean eating too.

Some websites that provide details for clean eating do not allow mayonnaise. Other sides allow organic or homemade mayonnaise using pasteurized eggs. I plan to continue to use mayonnaise occasionally. I do plan to give up my yogurt for 30 days during this cleanse. That is epic for me. You all know how much I love my low carb yogurt! :)

Over the weekend I went through all of my main entree meals and made a list of recipes that are already on the blog which can be easily made to qualify as clean eating. I will provide links and suggestions below.

Grilled Pork Chops with Two Melon Salsa– no changes are needed

Simple Cod Piccata– no changes needed

Ham and Avocado Egg Salad– no changes needed

Pork Roast With Cabbage– no changes needed

Pepper Beef Goulash– no changes needed

Roasted Hen– substitute ghee for the butter

Roasted Cauliflower with Sausage and Tomatoes– replace canned tomatoes with freshly chopped tomatoes.

Shakshuka– no changes needed

Pepper Crusted Roast Beef– no changes needed

Onion and Pepper Smothered Round Steak– no changes needed

Garlic Lemon-pepper Chicken– I would replace almond flour for the coconut flour.

Chicken Piccata– I would replace almond flour for the coconut flour. I would also replace ghee for the butter.

Beef Rib Eye Steaks Roasted in Herbs– no changes needed

Ground Turkey Burgers– no changes needed

Smothered Burgers– omit cheese

Spicy Lemon Chicken– no changes needed

Country Beef Patties– I would omit the Splenda. I would not replace it with anything. I would use fresh tomatoes.

Blackened Fish– omit Splenda

BBQ Pot Roast– Omit Splenda and use fresh tomatoes.

Bacon Wrapped Cornish Hens– no changes needed

Italian Sausage with Ratatouille– no changes needed



Isaiah Loves Healthy Food

I am currently in Virginia visiting my daughter, Samantha and her husband Ben and two year old son Isaiah. This fabulous kid is Isaiah.

Yesterday I took him to Toys R Us to let him pick out a toy. He went through the entire store and decided on this shield. He loves Captain America and he has barely let this out of his sight.

This was him watching Super Why. He told me to be on the watch for bad guys because he had his shield if we happened to find any.

Later we went outside and he watched teenage boys play football in the street. He also watched for planes.

He tried on the Captain America masks at Toys R Us and they were all way too big for a 2 year old so he had to settle for wearing last years Halloween Costume of Spider Man while playing with the shield.

This morning he got up at 6:15 because he knew that I was visiting. He came into my room with the cat to wake me up as they do each morning. We sat on the couch and watched cartoons together. Can you tell how tired he is?

Afterwards we went to yard sales and I found him a bike with training wheels and a blue bouncy Spiderman ball. He loves them both.

Last night I cooked dinner and Isaiah ate very well. I made Turkey Saltimbocca Meatballs, Mashed Cauliflower and Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Parmesan. Isaiah cleaned his plate and kept saying how much he loved the Cauliflower the best. This made me very happy that he eats healthy.

My visit isn’t over yet but I just had to share my wonderful family with you.


Eye Issues

Okay people it is time once again for you to learn from my mistakes. Last week my eyes began watering and were severely red. I had a sharp pain in one spot in my right eye. On Saturday I went to a local after hours medical facility and had horrible care. I was diagnosed as having an infection and was told it wasn’t contagious. I was given directions to gargle with salt water 4 times a day and that within a week my eye inflammation and pain should be gone. I was prescribed allergy eye drops and sent on my way.

Two days later I was still in horrible pain and my eyes were still watering and red. I went to a local eye doctor and learned that I had a cyst under my right eye lid and an ulcer on my cornea in my right eye. That is where the pain was coming from. The doctor performed a test to check for infection and it was negative so I knew that I wouldn’t be contagious. She gave me a prescription for Cipro eye drops and scheduled me for a return visit today.

After only using the Cipro drops once I felt immediate relief and my pain was gone. After two days my ulcer is 90% healed. I am still to use the eye drops for a few more days and I will go back next week for another eye exam.

I googled to see what causes the ulcers and cysts under the eye lid and I thought that I would share this with you all so that you can learn from my mistakes.

  1. You should always remove your eye makeup at the end of the day. I am guilty of not doing this on long work days. Never again. I will always remove my eye makeup from now on.
  2. Your contact lenses have a length of time that you are to use them. If they say use for 2 weeks and discard then that is how long you should use them. Contact lenses build up protein on the lens which is harmful to your eyes. I am guilty of using my lenses longer than the suggested length of time. I will never do that again.
  3. Rubbing your eyes without washing your hands first. Everyone is guilty of this one.

There are of course other causes but if you avoid doing these three you really limit your chances of developing a cyst under your eyelid. I will admit that the contact lens issue is probably what caused mine. I am very lucky that I did not do permanent damage to my eye. I am very blessed.

My Flowerbed

I have a small flowerbed in front of my townhouse. The previous home owners left 2 rosebushes and 2 Roman Candles in the flowerbed and this got me to thinking of planting perennials so that the flowerbed could be practically self maintaining in the future. So I ran to Lowes today and bought a few perennials to start my flowerbed project.

Camelot Lavender Foxglove

The Camelot Lavender Foxglove is so pretty with delicate bell flowers. It can get between 36-42 inches high so I put this in between the stairs of the town houses where a pine tree had been previously. I am so glad to be rid of that tree. It was infested with bees last year. Yuck!!

EverLast White Eye Dianthus

EverLast White Eye Dianthus. This only gets about 8-12 inches high. I think it is very delicate looking. The EverLast variety have a longer bloom season so I am hoping to see blooms into late summer. I also bought one in pink too.

EverLast Dark Pink Dianthus

Munstead English Lavender

The Munstead England Lavender will eventually have beautiful lavender blooms all over it. This plant grows to be about 18 inches in height. The flowers bloom from June to August and they can be easily dried. I am personally looking forward to drying these in the future. I am sure my friend Andrea can help me with this.

Early Sunrise Coreopsis

Early Sunrise Coreopsis will bloom from May to August and is a self seeder. It can be aggressive and will need divided every 2-3 years. The flowers resemble daisies in a way and the blooms are plentiful.

Mystery plant

This mystery plant appeared in my flower bed last spring and I thought it was a weed so I yanked it all out. I had a client who had this in her flower bed last summer and she said it was a creeping phlox of sort and it bloomed yellow flowers. I thought that it had all been destroyed last summer but it reappeared this spring with a vengeance and I have left it for a bit to see if it blooms. Two friends of my cousins saw this picture and believes it might be a form of sedum flower. Time will tell. What is your guess? Weed or flower?

Hens and Chickens

One of my clients gave me a flower pot of hens and chickens last summer. I was very moved that she gifted me with these as they had belonged to her late son. She had about 20 flower pots of these and they had all been sprouts from one pot that had belonged to her son prior to his car accident and death. I will always think of her when I see these plants.

When I was growing up my father took a wine barrel and cut circles into the side of it. He painted the barrel white and put hens and chickens into each hole and into the top of the barrel. It very quickly filled in with hens and chickens and it was beautiful. I will never see hens and chickens without thinking of him too.

As my flower bed fills in and the flowers begin to bloom I will share more pictures. I do so love summer and spring.