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Biggest Loser Last Night

I know that I said that I wasn’t going to post today but I can’t help myself. I truly enjoyed last nights episode. I believe from a strategical point of view the older team made a mistake by voting off Debbie. I knew as soon as Debbie went off on Bonnie that she would be voted off but from a competition outlook Bonnie is their weakest link and should have been let go.

If the team doesn’t start winning some competitions they can’t get immunity and with Bonnie’s knees and her constant complaining they will never win one.  The entire team had to walk the first mile because of her.  Unfortunately, if one of them hopes to win she has to go. 

What was your opinion on this one?


Biggest Loser Starts New Season Tonight

I am very excited about tonight. Biggest Loser starts a new season. I will miss Jillian but am happy for her that she is going for her goal of becoming a mommy. Good luck Jillian in anything that you choose to do.

I haven’t looked online yet to see the contestants for this season. I want it to be fresh for me when I get to see them tonight. Will you be watching? I am having to choose between Dancing With The Stars (which I have never watched until last night) and Biggest Loser and I choose Biggest Loser. For some reason I really want to watch Dancing With The Stars this season. I may have to look for it online.

Now on a different note. I fell at work today and hurt my hand. I went to Urgent Care and had it x-rayed. It wasn’t broken but it is badly bruised and swollen. I have all but tomorrows posts already written for the week and will be taking tomorrow off from typing as my hand is hurting typing this little bit. I am so glad that I had written extra posts already over the weekend. I will be back to posting and typing daily on Saturday. Sooner if my hand stops hurting. 🙂 Cya then.

Biggest Loser Week 9

I was not shocked to see Arthur tossed out this week. As soon as they said they were doing the 5K over again and it would be the same rules I knew that Arthur would end up on the red team. I am glad that Jen made it back to the black team and I applaud Sara for preferring to be out of her comfort zone. I think she will do much better on the team with a mother figure there for her.

I cried during the family visits. After having lost so much weight I know how it feels to have people show their support of you. It was very good to see them all so happy.

This weeks show had me wondering what was meant by different comments.

  1. What home stressors is Jay having?
  2. Why didn’t Moses do very well when he got home?
  3. Why would Courtney go back to working in the fast food restaurant? Her family also owns a gym. She needs to be working there instead.

What else did you notice on this weeks show?

Biggest Loser Week 8

I was sad to see Jessie and Deni go. I cried when all of the parents went up there and took the fall for their children. I understood why they did it and I probably would have done the same thing.  Then Moses explained why he believed they set bad examples for their children and I had to agree that he made a great point too. 

I hope that this weeks weigh in causes Rulon to get more serious. I was shocked at his small weight loss and my heart broke for Jen when she was waiting to see if she would go home. I am not sure what happened with either of them.  They have always been such great examples to the rest of the group.

When it comes to the challenges it is very obvious that the red team really know how to work as a team. The black team are always all over the place and arguing with each other. The only thing they strategized and did as a team was to have the parents take the fall. 😦

Who else is watching this season?

Biggest Loser Week 7

I was very sad to see Jay leave. I felt so badly for Jennifer to have to say goodbye to her father.  All of the players tried so hard all week long and it was difficult to watch them struggle. I was proud of Arthur for losing so much weight this week but I have to admit that I am still a bit angry with him over what he did last week. How about you? I need to let it go. hahaha

When they had the train contest how many answers did you get correct? I would have failed miserably at that contest. I can’t imagine pushing a train car as far as they did and as quickly as they did. I am impressed weekly at their stamina and dedication.

Biggest Loser Week 6

This episode was painful to watch. I found myself crying multiple times when I watched the contestants going through what was very emotional situations. All I could say over and over was, “Arthur what were you thinking?” I can’t believe he threw away Jay and Jennifer and then to take Deni and Sarah to use as sacrificial lambs.

I was shocked. I had expected him to take Rulon and Justin since they were the strongest people on the other team. Instead he hurt so many people. I had been furious with him and then watching Jillian hug Arthur in the gym and tell him it would be okay in the end I softened my heart for him.

I was so glad to see Jennifer get immunity for losing the most weight percentage that week for the team. I was scared that the team would send Jay home since he was new to their team. However, the team stood together and voted off Q. I understood why and believe that I had been there I would have voted for Q as well. When they showed the update at the end I was glad to see that both and his wife had continued to lose weight once they went home.

At the end when Olivia’s 16 pound weight loss caused Bob and Jillian’s team to win for the night I cried with her. Her joy was overwhelming. She worked so hard that week. Marci also did an amazing job.

I really saw Bob and Jillian’s team work harder to lose a higher amount of weight this week. Most of them were in the double digits. I wonder how long Arthur will manage to stay at the ranch? I am guessing the next time Bob and Jillian’s team have to vote one of their team off it will be Arthur.

Other accomplishments:

  • Moses- lost over 100 pounds in 6 weeks breaking a record.
  • Jesse- lost a very large amount of weight
  • Marci- lost a large amount of weight
  • Bob and Jillian’s team won the challenge.
  • Arthur betrayed his team to try to save himself.

Biggest Loser Week 5

This week was not shocking to see Don throw the contest and gain weight again. I was a bit disappointed that Irene had gained when she had been doing so well. I do understand why she did it though.

Is anyone else amazed that the people on the new training team are losing so much more than the team that work out with Bob and Jillian? I know that I am beginning to think that Bob and Jillian’s team might need to take a few classes from the new team. It is amazing.

I was a bit teary when Larialmy was sent home. I do understand why she and her husband agreed that she would be the one to go home. I really hope that Q does what he says that he will do and will work out more.

Each week I am blown away with Rulon and Justin. They are such cheerleaders and motivators. They might be the deciding factor for what is pushing that team to lose such high numbers. What are your thoughts on this?