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Sheets Food

You will all think that I have completely lost my mind but I just noticed that Sheets has a restaurant area where you can customize your order. Today I ordered a grilled chicken salad and was able to make it according to my wants and needs. I was so surprised how good this salad was and how healthy I was able to make this. This is going to change the way that I travel. I will no longer need to worry about finding certain places along the highway. I will always know that Sheets is a choice.

My salad included: Romaine lettuce, cheddar cheese, banana peppers, tomatoes, bacon and ranch dressing. I regret not adding the black olives. Next time I will have them.


Fat Patty’s

We finally got a Fat Patty’s Restaurant near my home and I love this restaurant. They have many options on their menu that are low carb. Their salads do come with a very large piece of garlic bread but you can just ask them to hold the bread and it will be something that can eat. I love their Buffalo Chicken Salad.

Their salads come in both full and half portions. Eating out doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless and you don’t have cook at home every single night. Fast food isn’t your only option. You can go out with your friends and enjoy a good meal but you have to make healthy choices.

I will admit that for about 4 weeks when Mike and I were separating I didn’t remain strict on my low carb diet. I felt bloated and miserable and it did not help me to handle the stress. I have been back on track for about a month now and I am feeling so much better and in control of my future. You can do that too.

Give Fat Patty’s a try and make a healthy choice from their menu.

Fat Patty Menu


Last week I was traveling in a very rural area of WV and I stopped at a restaurant that is well to us here in WV. I am not sure how many states Tudors is in but they are practically everywhere here. Anyway, they are known for their country cooking. Most country cooking isn’t low carb but I thought surely every restaurant has a salad now. So I entered the restaurant and looked at their menu that was on the wall. No salads were mentioned. The wide eyed young lady at the counter offered to take my order and this is the conversation that pursued.

Lady: Can I take your order?

Me: Do you have salads?

Lady: I don’t think so. Let me ask…..(turns to manager) Do we have salads? This woman is looking for a salad.

Manager: Yes we do have salads. We have a chicken BLT salad that is served on a platter.

Me: That sounds great. I will take that. What kind of salad dressings do you have?

Lady: (turns to manager) what kind of salad dressing do we have?

Manager: Italian or ranch.

Me: I will take ranch.

Lady to manager: How do I ring this up (looking at cash register).

Manager pointed at a button and I was told to pay $6.

My point is that this restaurant is in a very rural area that is well known for people having poor health and obesity being rampant. Wouldn’t it be great if they actually listed salad on their menu? I sat at my table and in about 15 minutes the lady brought me my meal. Isn’t this beautiful?

Ruby Tuesday

On Saturday I went shopping and out to lunch with my sister, Donna and her husband, David. He suggested Ruby Tuesday for lunch and I was so excited. I had the Spaghetti Squash Marina and it was fabulous. It was enough for 2 people so if you go you can order the petite Spaghetti Squash Marina or plan to take half of it home with you. Their salad bar is excellent as low carb but plan to stay away from the pastas on the bar.

I found the nutritional information for Ruby Tuesday and they have several items on their menu that are low carb and low in calories. I was so pleased to see how many items on the menu included spaghetti squash and roasted zucchini. The food was fabulous. Give them a try.

Ruby Tuesday Nutritional Information

Cafe Cimino Country Inn

This week I went out of town to a Social Work conference and had a wonderful time. One evening I went out with two Social Worker friends for dinner. We went to the Cafe Cimino Country Inn in Sutton, WV. This place was wonderful. I was a bit worried because the menu was Italian. – go there to see photos of the inn and their menu. This place is wonderful. 🙂

We had a young waiter who was obviously very new. He was so nervous and he just found a special place in my heart. The inn is very upscale and quaint. I loved it. I asked the young waiter if it was possible to get vegetables instead of the pasta and the conversation went like this.

Me: Can I get the seasonal mixed vegetables instead of the pasta with the sea scallops wrapped in prosciutto?

Him: Do you mean vegetables under the scallops?

Me: No. I want the vegetables on the side.

Him: I can ask if you can get the vegetables under the scallops instead of the pasta.

Me: No. I don’t want the vegetables under the scallops. I want it BESIDE the scallops.

Him: I think you might be able to get them UNDER the scallops.

Me: I don’t want the vegetables under the scallops. I want them BESIDE the scallops.

Him: People usually just get the pasta.

Me: I am a Diabetic and can’t have the pasta. That is why I would like to get the seasonal vegetables BESIDE the scallops.

Him: I will see if you can get them UNDER the scallops.

Kathy (Friend): NOOOOO. She wants them BESIDE the scallops. NOT UNDER!!

Well he just shook his head at us and left to go talk to the chef. Apparently the chef educated him on trying to accommodate the customer. He returned and said the chef wanted to know if cauliflower, zucchini and pole beans would work for my NEEDS. I fell in love with this young man. He seemed so genuinely happy to be able to offer me something that I could have. I told him that would be perfect. He sighed a big sigh and his face broke into a HUGE smile. 🙂

When my dinner arrived I had a very generous portion of seasonal veggies that were cooked to perfection. The scallops were WONDERFUL. They had a light sauce on them and I know that I will be trying to recreate this dish for myself.

My friend Kathy said that she and her husband have stayed at the inn overnight and that the upstairs was beautiful and that they were pampered each time that they came there.

After dinner we walked down the back stairs on the property to another building where we sat on the patio overlooking the river. It was so peaceful.

This restaurant grows all of their fresh vegetables and herbs on the property to use for all of their dishes. Everything tasted so fresh and was beautifully done. I forgot my camera on this trip. I did take a picture with my cell phone though. It isn’t great but can you tell how peaceful it was on the river?

I can honestly recommend this place for both lodging and dinner. The menu is not exactly low carb but the chef will go above and beyond to accommodate you. 🙂 And if you happen to get a young man to wait on you please be patient with him. He is so sweet and adorable that I could have adopted him. 🙂

Logan’s Roadhouse

Are you ready for another eating out option?

Another restaurant that I love to go to is Logan’s Roudhouse. I usually get their Grilled Steak Salad but instead of the steak on the salad I ask for grilled blackened chicken. I request the Parmesan Peppercorn salad dressing for it. They don’t put croutons on the salad which makes it much easier for me. Their website menu describes it as fresh romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, bacon and a hard-boiled egg topped with mesquite wood-grilled steak.

They have many other items on the menu that are low carb you just have to look. You can get a steak and request a substitute of seasonal vegetables instead of the potato. For sides you can choose from Seasonal vegetables, house salad, caesar salad, grilled vegetable skewer or grilled mushroom skewer.

They have an entire menu for people wanting to eat healthy and they suggest getting a side order of broccoli to go with the main entree. So what do you get to eat at Logan’s that is low carb and healthy?


I met a woman at work that has been learning to eat low carb to control her low glucose issues. Her doctor told her that she would become a Diabetic eventually and she needed to try to get this under control now so she is. She is very conscious of everything that she is eating and is doing an amazing job. She was a bit disappointed that she can’t seem to eat out now so I thought that I would start weekly or bi-weekly threads with eating out options.

This week is Applebees. I went out with my girlfriends for dinner on Thursday and we went to Applebees. We tend to go there about once a month. They have 2 options on their menu that I always get but they have many more things that are low carb.

I love their Santa Fe Chicken Salad. I have them leave the tortilla strips off and it fits my needs. The salad has grilled marinated chicken breasts on a bed of greens with homemade pico de gallo and Mexi-ranch dressing, cheese guacamole and sour cream too! Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Another opton that I get there is the Grilled Shrimp N Spiniach Salad. I don’t have to ask them to leave anything off and it is perfect. It is tender spinach, crips bacon, roasted red peppers, red onions, toasted almonds and hot bacon vinaigrette- all topped with succulent shrimp straight from the grill.

What I suggest is before you go to a restaurant to eat look at their menu online and plan your meal. Call ahead if necessary and ask the manager if you can make exchanges for certain items for the meal. Most restaurants will let you swap out a vegetable for the baked potato. Eating low carb doesn’t mean you have to stop going out. It just means you have to plan for it.

Applebees Menu