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Billy Jacob’s Art

I am using quite a bit of Billy Jacob’s primitive artwork for my home. I found these at the Milton Flea Market here in WV. If I can get my office at work painted the same color as my dining room I plan to get more for the office. I have been told that I can choose my own color for the walls. I can’t wait.

For now I am sticking these on my bookshelf in the dining room. I love this one. I also have a couple of the small ones with quotes.


Square Foot Gardening

Do you recall when I posted on June 6th that I was trying Square Foot Gardening? Well let me give you an update. Things look a bit different than before.

Newly planted

3 weeks after

3 weeks after

I have really enjoyed this type of gardening and plan to do it again once we get onto the farm. There are virtually no weeds with this type of gardening. I am so impressed with how easy it is.


The tomato plants are huge and I have a lot of tomatoes forming already.


My herb garden is growing much slower. You can see my spinach in the front is small but that is because I have been cutting spinach off of the plant daily and making new recipes. I will be share them soon.

herb garden

I ended up with one basil plant out of the many seeds that I had planted. To be honest I really only need one but I would have liked to have grown 2. I have 3 cilantro plants and wish that they would grow quicker. The oregano is growing nicely. I only had one eggplant come up from the seeds that I planted. I planted about 20 pepper seeds and I believe that I have one pepper plant but am not sure it is a pepper plant. Time will tell if peppers actually form on it. haha

When I had empty squares in my garden I transplanted some of the many zucchini, yellow squash and butternut squash into those squares. Squashes tend to grow for even the worst gardeners. I will be having a huge surplus of those soon and will need to get a food dryer to harvest them. I love to make zucchini muffins and will find many uses for them over the winter.

Well this is my little garden at my little house. I can’t wait to get on my farm. SIGH:::

Antique Shopping in Hurricane, WV

On Saturday, Mike only worked a half day so we spent the afternoon with Caleb. First we went to the park, which I shared yesterday but then we went to Hurricane and saw antique stores that I had never noticed before. The first one is beside the Hurricane Fire Department and it is called Atelier Inge. The owner is a very sweet woman from Germany. She so much reminded me of my wonderful friend who passed away 11 years ago this month. It is hard to believe it has been 11 years. The pain of losing her is still so fresh.

The store has beautiful antiques and she is a juried artist that has her wonderful paintings displayed at Tamarack in Beckley, WV. You need to check out her store. I can’t get one of her paintings out of my mind. It had chickens and roosters in it. I didn’t dare ask her how much it cost. I knew that I couldn’t afford it. 😦

Afterwards we went to another little shop that was next door to hers. I wish that I had gotten the name of it. He had more of a thrift store type atmosphere and a lot of baseball cards at a very reasonable price. I did find one thing there that I had to get.  I have wanted one of these for years and they were always expensive. This one was only $2 so I grabbed it up.

I can’t wait to hang this in my kitchen. For those who have no idea what this is let me explain it. This holds wooden matches that come in the big square box. You slide the box inside this and you get the matches out of the bottom and strike it on the side of the box in the opening. Our stove in the new house will be gas so this might come in handy. 🙂

Caleb’s First Trip to the Farm

We have been telling Caleb about the farm for months now but he had never been there. For a little boy who has barely turned 3 it is a bit difficult for them to envision what we are talking about so we took him on Sunday to the farm. The road is only driveable for half of the road and we have to walk the rest of the way. He did very well until we got to a rocky portion and then Pawpaw had to carry him for a bit.

Once we got to the top he really seemed interested in walking around and looking at where we would be putting the house and the barn. Mike took him to different places and told him that his grandparents had lived there many years ago. Caleb asked a ton of questions. I loved just walking around and snapping pictures of Caleb when he wasn’t aware that I was doing it.  


He did willingly pose for one with pawpaw and then insisted on posing for one with me.

While going back down the road we all took turns being the leader. When Caleb had his turn I learned that I had been doing the leader wrong. He pointed out things along the way and made up stories to go with them.  When he saw a fallen tree hanging in the air between other trees his imagination turned it into a bridge and there were trolls living under it. I have to say he does a much better job of being the leader than I did.


I can’t wait to have the house built over there. Every time we go visit the farm it inspires us to work more on the house. Mike has been laying new tile in the dining room. It will take him about a week to get it done but it will be beautiful once it is. The sooner we get the repairs and remodeling done the sooner we can sell this one and get over there. ::sigh::: I am sure that I am boring everyone but I have this dream of being on the farm and walking through the woods with my family. It is so close to happening that I can barely sleep some nights.

Farm Update

It has been a few weeks since I have given a farm update. The reason is things kind of slowed down quite a bit on the remodeling because Mike’s work kind of picked up in a furry. He has only had 2 days off from work in the last 5 weeks.

Sunday morning he was off and we went to the farm and hiked about 20 acres in the rain. It was wonderful. I had so much fun. I took my camera but with the rain pictures didn’t really happen much. I took 2 pictures and then my battery died anyway so it was ok. I enjoyed the hike and our strategizing really sparked us to begin again on the house to get it sold.

The road to the farm is halfway completed. We actually drove halfway up and parked and walked the rest of the way. I do have to say that having lost the weight the hike uphill is soooooooooo much easier. LOL When we got to the top of the hill I could see all of Mike’s grandmother’s Easter Lily’s that she had planted along the road to where their barn had been. When we got closer to the where their home had been I found dozens of her rosebushes with bright green leaves on them. Before we begin excavating to build the house I intend to transplant those to another area to save them. Then I will put them around our new home later.

We chose where we want the barn to be for the 2 calves and the pig that we plan to get. We also chose where we want the chicken coop. We discussed the berry orchard that we want. We hiked along a trail that had been made by deer and when we got to the top of the hill the view was spectacular. Mike wants to eventually put a gazebo there where we can take his telescope in the evenings to watch the stars.

As I mentioned before it was raining so the only wildlife that we saw was one deer and a couple of squirrels. We did come along a tree in between rain showers that was covered in butterflies.  The only pictures that I got while we were there were of this tree. I asked on a message board and learned that it is a Linden tree. Isn’t it beautiful? It is where the front yard used to be of his grandparent’s home.

After we came home from the barn we cleaned up and went to Lowes. We bought enough tile to put in the dining room, a new door for Caleb’s room and enough trim to replace the baseboards in there. I am excited and can’t wait to begin working on the rest of the house to get over to the farm. I want to MOVE so badly. It really is a shame that I never learned patience but I am smart enough to know not to pray for it. haha

Farming Blogs

I have been following a lot of farming blogs lately and would love to find more. If you know of any others that I don’t list please share them with me. 🙂

Chicken’s In The Road– This is a woman in WV and she has beautiful photography to share of her farm animals. She is a very gifted author and I think you will enjoy her style.

Country Cluckers– This is a new blog for me to follow. I love how she explained why some chickens lay huge and misshapen eggs. I had always wondered why. Her style of writing is great and very entertaining as well.

Life on a Southern Farm– Her photography is wonderful and I love the way she puts a story to her photos. She truly lives on a farm with donkeys, chickens, cows and goats. I love the picture of the big waterwheel. I now want one on my property too. Mike thinks I need to stop looking at farm blogs or he will be building my farm for the next 100 years. heheh

Living a Simple Life– This blog is written by a young couple who are farming and being very green about it as well. They make their own lip balm, lotions and other items. Sometimes she writes the articles and sometimes he does. You should read his story of the turkey that is in love with him. haha

Sunflower Hill Farm– This is written very well by a woman in southwest Wisconsin. She and her husband live on a farm and she is woman extraordinaire. You will love this blog.

Ten Things Farm– This woman is sharing her daily life on a farm and raising a young child. They are active in 4H and also have quite a few chickens. Can you tell I am obsessed with chickens? LOL

The Big Red Barn– This blog chronicles the adventures of Barb and Steve in Southwest Wisconsin. You will love her photography as well.

The Last Frontier– This woman writes excellent detailed stories of what her life is in like in the Alaskan Wilderness. I love reading her blog but unfortunately she doesn’t update very often. I would love to hear more from her.

So can you recommend more for me? I NEED more farming blogs to follow. 🙂

Weekly Update on the Farm

I can’t believe that we woke up this morning to snow. I hate snow. I really really really hate snow. I am so tired of cold weather. The older that I get the worse I can’t stand the cold. Since losing the weight it has been unbearable. Today we are working on the house again.

We had hoped to have this house on the market by May but have changed our strategy. We want to have the new house under roof before listing this one so we are slowing the pace on the remodeling on this one a bit. We work each weekend and it is really taking shape.

Today we are painting inside the master closet. It hadn’t been painted since we first moved in more than 19 years ago. Ughh.. It was horrible. Mike is in there now doing that. I removed everything and organized it so that we can find what we need for the next week. If we put our clothing back in there too soon the odor of paint will get into the clothing. We can’t have that. EWWWWWWW

We have been working on figuring out where everything will go in the new house and where things need to be expanded to. The kitchen and pantry have been enlarged. I am so excited about the pantry. It is now 14 feet by 10 feet. I will have long pantry closets on each side and an island will full cabinetry under it. Mike wants a small sink in the island too.

We have made the laundry room larger. I explained what my needs were and he explained how he wanted the washer and dryer encased in cabinetry so we had to make it big enough to have a hanging area for my fine washables.

I know this won’t make any sense to many people but we both agreed that we did not want a bathtub in the master bathroom. We only want a 4X4 shower. If we need to soak our old bones we can do so in the hot tub that will be just outside the french doors that lead from the master bedroom to the deck. We have to enclose this area to keep the chickens from trying to soak with us. hahaha

I was watching Design to Sell and saw a beautiful master bathroom that had the door to the master closet in it instead of the Master Bedroom. I fell in love with it so we are planning to do that as well. I have shown Mike a million and one ways to put in storage and organizers in the new house. I can’t wait. Everything will have a place. I will be in heaven. 🙂