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Kanawha State Forest

Today I was able to go hiking once again and I had so much fun. It was very nice to get back into the woods to experience nature. My good friend Lori Rainey went with me. We met about 4 or 5 years ago at my Gynecologist office where she is the Physician Assistant. She is an amazing woman and never complained today during our 8.84 mile hike through Kanawha State Forest. She has this amazing watch that tells us how many steps she took (19,946), how many calories she burned (3126), and how many flights of stairs she went up from hiking up so many hills (54). I love this watch!

Now be prepared that this will be a long post. We had no plans to hike as many miles as we did but we got lost. We were both to blame. Lori may disown me and refuse to go hiking with me again after our adventure today. I took a lot of pictures and I will comment on many of them.

This next picture is a coal mine that was closed off many years ago after people were caught making moonshine in it.

While we were hiking we eventually got lost and realized it when we found this sign indicating that we were entering Mossy Trail instead of Davis Creek Trail. hahaha Lori offered the chance for us to turn around and go back but we had already walked several miles and I thought that we should keep going to possibly find the main road. Live and Learn. hahaha

We were at a high point of a trail and we looked down and saw an enormous tree that had fallen in the ravine.

If anyone has a clue what this bush is please let me know. We were on Teaberry Trail when we found them covering several hillsides. It was beautiful.

Edited to add- Found it on Google. It is Mountain Laurel.

These honeysuckle bushes were too far away for us to tell what they were. I used the zoom on my camera and after I got home I was able to tell what they were.

It was very interesting to find these stacked rocks in the middle of the woods.

At one point I found out that Lori was a tree hugger. Of course it was when we were trying to come down a very steep decline on the side of the hill.

After hiking over 8 miles we found this sign showing us how close we had been to being on Davis Creek Trail several times. Next time we will know. That is if I can ever get Lori to go back again. hahaha

These little flowers were at the base of a tree and the sun shine was hitting it in just a way as if to point out to us that these flowers were beautiful.

When came home I found that my roses had all opened and my flower bed seemed to welcome me home.  Please ignore the holes in the leaves. I have treated them and they no longer have bugs. 🙂

Here is a video where you can hear the stream and experience the birds singing in the background.

Before we began our hike we enjoyed a lunch of Grilled Pork Chops With Two Melon Salsa and fresh cucumbers and cherries.

I am so glad that we ate before we started the hike, since when we got lost we ended up hiking about 4 hours. I took a little mini thermal container and had an Atkin’s shake and a protein bar in my backpack just in case I needed it along the trail. I am glad that I didn’t need it. The lunch was perfect to hold me over until we found our way back out of the woods. I am also glad that I didn’t hike alone. I never hike alone on trails that I am not familiar with. Lori is the best hiking partner. She is just one of those sweet Christians that you can bare your soul to and you know that it will never go anywhere else.  Today’s hike was good for the mind, body and soul! Thanks Lori.


Geocaching with Caleb

I finally have taught Caleb how to hike and geocache. I had so much fun with him this weekend. I picked him up yesterday and we had a weekend of fun. First I took him to a Halloween Party at the local fire department. I am not sure what he saw at this exact moment but we laughed so hard while there.

He loved getting to get inside the fire trucks too.

After the Halloween Party we went to a birthday party. With all of the parties and sweets that he consumed to say he had a lot of energy is an understatement. I couldn’t keep up with him inside the house so I took him on a 1.25 mile walk through the neighborhood to help him to burn it off. He was very good and he always notices everything around him. He was very impressed with the Halloween decorations in this yard.

This morning we attended church and when Caleb’s favorite song began to play I had to take his picture. Can you tell from the look on his face how happy he was to be singing this song?

After church we went to a local park and had a picnic. He insisted on taking a table cloth, napkins and real plates. haha He saw people on TV do it that way.

Following lunch we embarked on the trails and went looking for hidden treasures. I had never taken him into the woods with me before and he had no difficulty climbing over downed trees and he was so excited to look through the downed leaves. He never stopped smiling.

This was our first treasure and it only took us 45 minutes to find it in the woods.

Our second treasure was the easiest to find. It only took about 30 minutes and was on the same trail as the first geocache.

We even had enough time to play on some of the playground equipment before it was time to take him back to his Mommy.

I enjoyed showing Caleb different things through the woods such as lichen that was growing in several places and dried poison ivy to avoid. We found this orange fungus type of stuff growing in the end of a downed tree stump. Does anyone know what this is?

So this was my crazy busy weekend of fun with Caleb. I wish Isaiah lived closer. He is currently nursing a cold at his home with his parents. I love both of my boys. They are my reason for living.


Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent a wonderful evening with my husband who is also my best friend. We went on a haunted tour in the Guyandotte area. We had three wonderful tour guides who were quite knowledgeable of the history of Guyandotte. As we walked along the streets after dark the cool crisp air kept us in the Halloween spirit as we stopped along the way to hear stories of Union and Confederate soldiers who had fought and died during the Civil War.

We learned of practicing witches that had lived in the area during that time and how they have been known to still haunt the area.  We were in front of one home where no one will live because of a bald man who likes to appear standing over their beds. At night in this home a large sound of something large falling down the stairs can be heard causing the people to not be able to rest peacefully. This home is now only used for storage. The spirit of the man who lives there is now believed to be visiting his neighbor’s home out of loneliness.

One home was absolutely beautiful. Each year a civil war reenactment is done in this area and the owner of this home offers his home to be a part of the day. Many stories of haunting come from this home as well. When the owner of the home has to go out of town his wife refuses to stay in the home alone.


We went to a local cemetery and heard stories of a woman dressed in black roaming the streets looking for the body of her husband who had been buried beside her but family had moved his body to another cemetery to be placed beside his second wife.  We heard three stories total in this cemetery. I loved the stories that were shared and it was wonderful to hear the historical facts provided by these wonderful ladies.

I have three pics to share with you from the cemetery. I can’t explain what had happened in the one photo. We had been told that quite often in this one particular corner of the cemetery that phones and camera batteries would often drain but I only got one slightly odd picture of the batch. You can decide for yourself. I am going to claim camera malfunction.

Along the way we had the opportunity to go into one home that has quite a story.  The home is believed to be haunted by a four year old little boy named Willie.  People believe that he often throws candy at people. We were even allowed to hear an EVP of the little boy saying, “I am scared. Mommy”  We were all in the dining room of this home and I heard something faint from another room. Suddenly three of the ladies who were providing the tour darted out of the room and this is what was found. Notice the bowl of candy on the table and then look at the piece of candy that is in the floor in front of the furniture.

We were able to walk throughout the home and to take as many pictures as we wanted. We were taken down to the basement and saw what had used to be the slave quarters. I had to use my flash on my camera down there because their was so little natural light.

As we walked back to where our cars were parked we had the opportunity to speak to two of the tour guides. Their group investigate paranormal activity in homes. They have the equipment that you see on the popular ghost hunting shows and they are very thorough in their investigation. They will do history on the home and will even look into the backgrounds of the people that are living in the homes to be sure that their claims are authentic and to give them a better picture of the situation going on in the home.

If you are interested in taking the tour that we experienced last night you can contact the Haunted and Historic Guyandotte Tours via their Facebook page.

Guyandotte Tour<– click there.

More Hiking in Barboursville City Park

Mike and I hit the trails yesterday at the Barboursville City Park. There are more trails than we were aware of and we spent over 2 hours exploring new ones. We hiked 4.56 miles in 2 hours and 20 minutes. We burned over 929 calories according to MapMyFitness. This is a wonderful application that you turn on when you start a trail or walk and using GPS it will record your speed, altitude, route and calories burned.

Mike and I had a wonderful time and we came back with so much energy. I love it when the endorphin kick in and I feel exhilarated.  I took some pictures to share. I love my new Motorola Photon. It has wonderful aps, fits in my back pocket and takes pretty good pictures. No more lugging my camera around when we hike. 🙂

This tree was about 65-70 feet high and was twisted and hollow like this all the way up. It was very unusual.

Last week I mentioned about finding goldfish in a tank in the middle of the woods. We intentionally went back to it so that I could get a picture. Isn’t this a great find?

Mike has a love for huge trees. He was really excited to find this one. I had him stand next to it so that you could see its true size.

When we came out of the woods after about 2 hours Mike climbed up on a rock to take a break for a minute.  Then we started the long trek back to the car on the main road as the trail we took yesterday didn’t circle back around.

I love our little walks in the park. I think hiking is really good for a marriage. You are all alone in nature and you have to work together to find your way back out again.  It is great exercise too but you are having so much that you don’t seem to notice. 🙂

Easter Hiking

On Sunday Mike and I went hiking and Geocaching. We love the Barboursville City Park here in WV and have hiked it often but while geocaching we were introduced to a trail that we had no idea existed. This was an amazing workout and I can’t wait to do it all over again. We actually found a huge man made water tank that had goldfish in it in the middle of the woods really far from anything else in the park. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of them. However, I did get these.

We hiked about 40 minutes straight up hill and then another 80 going round and round the hillsides of WV. I love living in this state.

We found one geocache that we were looking for and this is the treasure that we found.

Last week I worked out at least 2.5 hours per day. I went hiking twice with a co-worker and on Friday we included her 5 year old in the hike. I was shocked how well he hiked and how he never gave up.  He was such an inspiration and I loved how inquisitive he was while we were out there.  On Friday he and I found this tree. It was amazing to me that we found this tree with rings of thorns on Good Friday. It took my breath away. One of my friends over on Facebook helped to identify this tree as a Honey Locust Tree. Isn’t this amazing?

Do these pictures make you want to get out and experience nature and start moving more? I hope so. I feel so much stronger since I have been working out. You can feel this way too.

Geocaching at Barboursville City Park

There are lots of pictures over on Facebook of my adventures yesterday while geocaching with my husband. We must have hiked over 4 miles total and climbed many hills but we had a wonderful time and I felt so much better after getting out in the fresh air. Come on over to Facebook with us. You know you want to. 🙂

Geocaching With Libby and Rosie

Last Saturday I didn’t keep Caleb during the day but I did get him in the evening. 🙂 Saturday morning I went geocaching with Libby and Rosie. I will explain what geocaching is for those who have never heard of it.

People hide Caches in various places all over the world and then document where to find them on a website. You can go there and put in the zipcode of the area where you wish to geocache and all of the ones that are hidden there will appear. There are more than 700 hidden within 25 miles of my home.

You need a handheld GPS and you enter the coordinates that the website gives you and you begin your search. When you find the Cache you open it and enter your name into the notebook inside it and you can leave and take trinkets from the container.

Libby and I have gone twice before but her sister Rosie had never gone. We all had fun but boy did I pick us caches that were deeply hidden in the woods. Those of you who are not familiar with WV let me just say we have deep woods and mostly hillside. There were times that we were literally on our feet and using our hands to crawl up the side of the hill. I definitely could feel the burn of the hike in my legs.

We tried to find two different caches and unfortunately we could not. I came back home and found that other people claim that the coordinates for the one are incorrect and they have provided the correct ones. Mike said he will go back with me to find it.

Libby and I want to go back again next month and try to find more caches that have been hidden with the Mamie Thurman theme as we did before. These are the pics from our morning on Saturday.

Do you see the hillside below? That is an example of the hillsides we had to climb back up to get out of this ravine. It was very steep in many places. We definitely got a workout yesterday. The women in this picture are Rosie and Libby looking for the cache.

Libby was the adventurous one and she didn’t let a little thing like a creek with water in it to prevent her from looking for the cache.

As we were leaving the Little Creek City Park in South Charleston, WV, Rosie took this picture of Libby and I. As you can see I am wearing my hiking backpack. It contains my camera, first aid kit, cell phone and a snake bit kit. I never go into the woods without this backpack. Thankfully we have never needed the firstaid kit or snake bite kit but I feel happier knowing that I have it with me.