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It’s Monday Monday

For some reason this song is stuck in my head. I didn’t post a weekly menu on Sunday but I plan to post quite a bit this week so I will be sharing things along the way. Over the weekend I made Heroin Wings at Mike’s request. Caleb liked them too and learned a few new things this weekend. If you don’t follow me on Facebook you missed out on this one. bwahahaha That kid cracks me up.

Last year we bought an entire hog and we are completely out of it now. We won’t be able to get another hog until October but the problem is that we love the sausage that we got from the hog. So yesterday we drove out to the farm that we buy our meat from and was able to purchase 12 pounds of sausage. Mike has requested that I make fried sausage patties for dinner tonight. 🙂

I am making more jewelry this week as I will not be working. I am making a few changes where my work is concerned. I have been working between 60-70 hours per week for several months and I am exhausted both mentally and physically. Mike is in total support of this. I love this guy. He never bats an eye when I tell him I am trying something new.

I have included more jewelry to my Etsy shop this morning and included a bracelets and earring set that is smaller and would fit a thin adult or a teenager. It is very cute and I know my daughter would have loved it when she was in middle and high school.

I promise to post more this week and I already have 2 recipes to share and hope to add more.  I have an eye appointment this afternoon to get my contact lenses adjusted so I will be back later. Happy Low Carbing everyone.


Etsy Shop

I finally moved my jewelry to an Etsy Shop after spending the day yesterday making jewelry with my mother and sister. I wish that I had taken pictures of all of the beads and supplies that were on the table yesterday. It was amazing. Everyone brought all that they had and shared. It was an amazing day.

If you would like to see my new Etsy Shop please visit here and please share with your friends. I am trying to raise enough money to get the cookbook to sell. It is already written and ready to go.

Grace2882- Etsy Shop

I have always kept my name private but now that I have the shop I am telling everyone. My name is Peggy Brown. My name will be on the cookbook too. 🙂

When I had started this blog I only meant for it to be a way to share my family and new grandchild with family members that were out of state. It has developed into more with the recipes and sharing of my weight loss over the years and how I am able to control my Diabetes. I have learned a lot about myself over the four years that I have had the blog. I have met some wonderful people and cherish each relationship that has formed.

Anyway, if you are interested in some jewelry or if you know someone who loves jewelry please share my Etsy with them. If you have any requests I can be reached by email too at


Nursing Covers for Isaiah!

Samantha is prepared to nurse Isaiah and since some members of society have a problem with mother’s nursing in public she requested that I make her some nursing covers. She looked at the Hooter Hiders online and they were $31 each. I made her 3 in less than 2 hours and it came to a total of $23 for all.

I found the pattern online and it was sooooooooo easy to follow. I used this pattern.

Pattern for Nursing Covers

The first one is my favorite.

Mike got so excited when he found this fabric in Joann Fabric Store. Ben loves the Avenger movie so we had to do one that he would like.

I can’t believe that I haven’t sewn for so long when I love to do it so much. Do you enjoy to sew too?

Caleb’s Hat

I knitted Caleb a hat and in the end it was too small for him. I will put it in my stash of knitted items and my next grandchild can wear this. I thought this hat was too cute.

You can find the free pattern for this hat at A Knitters Muse.

The Crafty Crow

Caleb love to do arts and crafts with me when he visits on Saturday. He is very good in working with glue and crayons. He is too little for scissors but he can punch things out and tear like no tomorrow. A friend recommended this craft website for ideas for crafts to do with toddlers.

The Crafty Crow

If you have time this week how about trying to let your kids try making some placecard holders for the table or napkin rings. She has a ton of Thanksgiving projects on her site now.

Coffee Cozy

One thing that I don’t understand is the addiction to coffee. My husband I neither one drink coffee but both of our children do. Go figure. Our daughter in particular is truly addicted to coffee. She makes almost daily runs to Barnes and Noble for her coffee fix. One day she sent me a picture of a coffee cozy and asked me if I could make her one.

I went online at and found one that I loved the look of but being a new knitter I couldn’t manage to get it started the way it suggested in the pattern. So after years of crocheting I decided to add crochet and knitting together and came up with this.

I found the original pattern at the following website.

What I did differently is I did not do this on double pointed needles. I used straight needles and instead of doing the knit rows I purled.  Once I got to the end I cast off and when it got to one stitch on the needle I changed to a crochet hook of the same size. I did 2 rows of single crochet across the top, attached the sides together by pulling a yarn through both sides, then put two rows of single crochet across the bottom.

Pardon Me. I didn’t knit that for you!

Only knitters will find the humor in this. This cracked me up.