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True Blue Friend Shawl

Friday night I finished my True Blue Friend Shawl. This pattern can only be found in a Coats and Clark pattern book but it has many mistakes in the pattern. Luckily I have crocheted for so many years that I could tell by looking at the picture of it that the pattern was incorrect. This pattern is both knit and crochet. The inside part of it is knit and the outside shell ruffle is crochet.

Several of the women in my knitting class began this pattern. I am not sure where they are on theirs at this point because we took a small holiday break from the class. I do like it but I won’t use it as often as I would had I chosen a thinner yarn.  I think the yarn is rather bulky and that is my fault entirely. If I had chosen a better yarn instead of using a heavier acrylic yarn and perhaps a different color I may have been happier with the finished product.

You can see more information about the shawl at the link below. I do not want to dissuade you from making the shawl but be aware that there are many mistakes in the pattern.



Knitting and Crocheting

I learned to crochet as a child. My mother crocheted a lot while we were small. We had pretty white capes for church and plenty of vests that were so popular back in the 60s and 70s. I have crocheted afghans, potholders and many other items and always secretly wished that I could knit too.

I met a nurse where I work that teaches a knitting class at the hospital each week. I signed up and am having so much fun. I have a really pretty scarf started but have made a potholder and two pair of flip-flops.

I don’t wear flip-flops but I made a pair for my daughter-in-law and my daughter that turned out very cute. I will give Kristin hers tomorrow but can’t give Samantha hers until August when she comes to visit.

The first thing that I made was the potholder. I know it isn’t fancy but I am quite proud of myself. Yeah I know it just looks like a square to you but I am very pleased with it.

The flip-flops are actually a very hot pink but the picture doesn’t really show how vibrant the pink and purples are. The white looks kind of gold too. I am not sure what is up with my camera.  The yarn is funfur. I really enjoyed working with this texture.

The following two potholders are crocheted. I made the long one to go under my long casserole dish when I use it on my dining room table. The smaller one I got the pattern online but once I started it I realized that the pattern had some drastic flaws in it. Luckily I have crocheted long enough to figure out what should have been done. 🙂

I enjoy most forms of crafting. I am sure that my husband would probably like for me to choose one hobby and stick with it but he never complains and just smiles at me. I have my own craft room and plan on working to organize it a bit better tomorrow and next weekend.

I have so many knitting patterns pulled out to make and am getting quite a stockpile of yarn. This is very fun. 🙂