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After my Thanksgiving craft day with my daughter, Samantha I decided to buy her a quilling kit of her own for Christmas. Yesterday we spent all morning working on quilling pieces of paper and then arranging them to form flowers on cards.

We really enjoyed this and I can see her doing this quite a bit once she gets home to Virginia. Most of the time her cat, Kahlua sat on her lap watching her quill at the dining room table.

For those who are new to quilling let me explain. You have a small tool that you use to roll thin strips of colored paper into circles. You place these on a board and secure with stick pins. Add a touch of glue to hold the ends together and allow to dry. Once dry you can form them into various shapes and to form beautiful pictures. I will add several links at the bottom of his post for you to expand your interest. This is the board and tool that we use to make our shapes.

If you can’t find this kit at a store near you try the link below to order your supplies. I have had the same board for approximately 5 years and it is still in very good condition.

Samantha made a card for a friend of hers and she stuck mainly with quilling pieces and only using a punch of a butterfly. Look at the detail of her quilled flowers.

Below is a picture of the card that I made. I used quilled shapes for the leaves and small red flowers but stuck with punched daisy flowers that I embellished by curling, layering and adding pearls to the centers. Samantha and I both layered our butterfly punches and caused them to have a 3D effect by lifting the top butterlies wings a bit. I am not sure who I will give my card to yet. I may end up keeping it as a momento of my afternoon with my daughter.

I am looking forward to making more things with my new colors of acid free paper that I have bought. It opens up my creativity to think of many places to add quilled flowers. I have added them in the past to my scrapbook pages and will probably begin to add them to my framed works as well. I will add a few links below to show you the many options that you have in quilling.

Try googling quilling projects and you will spend hours gathering ideas and suggestions. It is a beautiful art to get hooked on. Enjoy!


Family Time

I have had the best week. My daughter, Samantha and her husband Ben came to visit for the holidays. On Friday, Samantha and I played with crafts. We had originally wanted to make gift tags but it turned into my showing Samantha how to Quill. Quilling is a very old form of paper rolling and forming of pictures with the small pieces of rolled paper.

Samantha made gift tags and pictures with the quilling and I also used some of the quilled paper as well. I also used stamps to create a couple of gift tags. I miss the crafting days that Samantha and I used to have when she lived at home. I hate it that she lives so far away in Virginia but she is happy there and the people at the church where she and Ben work seem to really love them both. The first picture is of the gift tags that Samantha made and the second picture are mine. You have to ignore the glue that you can see. When they dried you could not see it I promise.

This morning my daughter-in-law Kristin came over with Caleb for Samantha and Ben to visit with before they went home to Virginia. Caleb dazzled us with his new abilities. He can walk about 3 steps at a time now between furniture. I am amazed at what he is doing at only 8 months of age.

I also have one step in my living room that Caleb was able to crawl up for the first time this morning. Caleb would squeal and chase after Samantha’s cat. It was very cute to watch. After a couple of hours of hard work chasing Kahlua, Caleb fell asleep in his father’s arms.  Don’t you just want to kiss those chubby cheeks?