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Daisy is Fickle!!

Daisy is one of the most fickle dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have had a large blanket that all of the dogs shared. When Buford died Daisy refused to allow Max to lay with her very often on the big blanket. I decided to rearrange the furniture in the living room and to get rid of the blanket and just put the blankets in open door crates for the dogs to lay on in the same room. 

These are the same crates that they sleep in at night. Daisy was doing fine for the few days and then she suddenly refused to get into the crate during the day. She became very needy and was obviously very stressed over not having the blanket. 

Tonight I went to the store and bought 2 new dog beds so that she would stop growling and snapping at Max if he wanted to sleep beside her. I gave Daisy the red bed and Max the brown bed. 

What do you think my little fickle dog did after about 10 minutes? 

Daisy got off of her own red bed and got in the bed with Max. Go figure. After about 10 minutes Max left his bed and now he is sleeping on the red bed. I wonder how long this game of musical beds will go on. 

Poor Max. All he wants is to help me cook and a soft bed to sleep in. He really is a good dog unless he is left alone in the house with a bowl of suckers. GRRR Now I have to scrub the couch to get the sticky off of it. Don’t ask!! 


Daisy’s Behavior

Daisy is my sweet Basset Hound/Beagle mix that was in love with Buford. When they met they bonded immediately and neither of them ever let Max into their little click. When Buford died back in February Daisy began crying and howl each night whenever I would go to bed. Last night was the worst ever.

Caleb spent the night with me and when we went to bed she barked/howled/cried for over 30 minutes. Usually it only lasts about 5 minutes. I had spoken to my daughter the other day about Daisy’s behavior and she suggested giving Daisy some extra attention and exercise. So tonight Caleb and I took her to the park and walked her over 2 miles. We kept her there for almost 90 minutes. We let her play in the enclosed dog park area. She sniffed everything and Caleb got her to run through tunnels and tires. She seems very tired now. I hope it helps her to sleep better at night. I am willing to take her with me running if it helps her to stop mourning the loss of Buford.

I have to admit that it probably isn’t entirely losing Buford although he was her first true love. Buford just happened to die 4 hours after Mike and I decided to divorce and he moved out so she lost 2 of her loves in the same day. Please pray that we can find a way to help her move on and ease her pain. Caleb says he is prepared to take her to the park as often as necessary too. 🙂

Max the Sous Chef

I was making a Red Raspberry Cheesecake  today and as soon as I started I looked down for my trusty Sous Chef, Max. He was ready to assist with anything that I needed.

This stare lasted about 2 minutes and then he changed his plan. He prefers to lay directly in front of the stove so that I might trip and drop food on his head.

I shared another pic of him the other day when he was helping me on Facebook. How on earth can I cook without him there to assist me?



Goodbye Sweet Buford

This has been a very difficult day for several reasons. My heart is breaking. I have been going through something very personal and I am unable to share that at this time. It is one reason that I haven’t been posting much lately. Tonight I was trying to get some work done and suddenly Buford became very ill. His stomach became distended and he began moaning and throwing up. It wouldn’t stop and after several minutes we were able to get him into the car.

The vet said that his stomach had flipped and was now going in the opposite direction. Without surgery it was always fatal. Due to his age of 16 the doctor did not recommend surgery so he was put down to relieve his pain. This is one of the saddest days of my life. Daisy has always been his little sidekick and she keeps looking for him and walking around the house crying. My house feels so empty without him.

Please keep us all in your prayers. The next few months are going to be very difficult for us all.



A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that my oldest Basset Hound Buford was acting strangely and I was afraid we were about to lose him. He had begun sleeping in the bathroom next to our room and wasn’t eating much. He seldom got up to go to potty outside. We were in distress of the thought of losing our sweet gentle Buford.

We changed his food and began feeding him canned food to entice him to eat. He loved the stuff. We put nightlights in every outlet in the living room and he moved back to his old bed.

Then the last two nights I noticed he was back off of his bed and Mike couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I finally realized that Mike had changed his blanket from the thick comforter to a lighter weight one. I had Mike put his blanket back  down for him and this is what we saw. Buford is the black and white one. Of course Max the camera hog had to get into the act too. 🙂

Take The Time…

During this hectic work week don’t forget to take time to rub the belly!!

PS: Please ignore the fact that we haven’t put the new wood baseboard trim up yet since putting in the tile floor. We aren’t finished with the tile work yet. 🙂